Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow Weekend

Alright! I’m still stoked to be working on Garrosh next week. A friend went over the strategy his other guild uses, seems simple enough. While we won’t have the DPS to kill him in 5 minutes like that group did, I am still hopeful that we’ll make good progress next week.

My Friday raid only got 2 bosses down, had a lot of trouble on Malkorok this week. About halfway through, I learned that one of our other healers had no idea about the shield mechanic, is colorblind, and uses ElvUI so we had to do a walk-through of how to add the shields then hope the colors were visible. Healing went smoother after that, but that was a grr moment for me. Cause we’d done that boss before, in normal and flex, and this issue was never mentioned. Grr. But it’s been fixed, yay! And we extend next week, so here’s hoping we get Spoils quickly on Wednesday when everyone is fresh and awake, and move on to probably Thok. 

Flex on Saturday went, but I felt like a lot of people were irritated. Or if not a lot, then at least the most vocal. Lots of lag going around this week, issues everywhere. Trying to zone in to SoO on Friday got just about everyone kicked at least once, and most everyone on Saturday had some sort of intermittent lag issue. But we finished 1 and did the first two of 2. I got to practice my kitty DPS, and as I suspected, I was able to do much better than in my Spoils attempts on Friday. Setting up some timers to track bleeds helps. 

I think my real issue for Spoils is this- I don’t have my DPS rotation down like I do for my monk. SO I spend a lot of time watching timers, trying to remember if I’ve used this or that, and then standing in the bombs and dying.  I swap to feral for that fight since our other 2 healers either don’t have an off-spec, or don’t have one as geared. Well I think, maybe I’ll ask the shaman next time…

Anyways, that’s about all I’ve done this weekend. Time to get started on studying epidemiology, our first test is next week. It’s just so boring.

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