Monday, February 17, 2014


I’ll start off with the vet school ‘fun thing’ of the day: our teacher acting out what a bird will do the first time you put an e-collar on it. Basically scream and fall to the bottom of the cage and throw a fit to try to get it off.

In WoW news- another light week, a test in anesthesia Thursday had me spending time offline. Sleeping, not studying like I should have been. Think I did ok, but grades aren’t up yet. 

Still wiping on Garrosh in my Tues/Thurs group. For a group that adds tanks and drops healers at the drop of a hat, our RL has been pretty stubborn about 3-healing this fight after our initial 2-heal attempts. Ok, you have a MW and a Disc priest, and together we make a crappy DPS, but I would still like to grab my druid and have me and the disc priest 2-heal it. But I’ll watch some vids, talk to the RL, and we’ll get him eventually.

The Wed/Fri group started fresh and made it to Shamans with only a few hiccups. Let Varian die almost instantly on Galakras, had a wipe on Immerseus cause we tried to 2-heal it and let me practice kitty DPS and the others didn’t realize they’d have to move a bit more to heal everyone. But we made it. Sadly, my prowling around to loot things like I usually do didn’t go well. A tank helpfully aggro’d the first 2 packs for me, but the stupid mage kept attacking and killing me anyway. Ah well, win some lose some. We’ll start at shamans tonight, here’s hoping we a) down it quickly and b) they drop the shoulder our tank wants for transmog. I have high hopes we’ll get to Spoils tonight, if not down it. Ideally we start next week on Thok, at least I hope so. We had some of the most controlled Thok pulls I’ve done, and I really like what we’re doing there. If we quit dropping a tank early for some reason… I really should get my monk into a tanky spec, just so I can figure out what is going wrong.

We got Blackfuse on flex, and had most of our normal raiders there so hopefully that fight will go well. Unfortunately, on of the folks I think will have the most trouble wasn’t there, and I think he’ll eat up a few brezes. Too many people who can rez in our group, and they often grab someone I think is unnecessary. Ah well, we’ll work it out.

I have been unable to talk with the healer I am concerned about. He pretty much only logs on for raids, then logs off. Can’t really talk to him while we’re killing things, and though we have a 15 min break, I usually use 12 minutes of it for other things and he’s AFK til the end too. So I have decided to ask his roommate if he is open to advice, and perhaps some help in approaching him. Our RL has talked about benching him for Garrosh when we get there, and I see where he is coming from and completely agree that all things be ideal, we’d have a DPS in his spot for Garrosh.  I think that will be a hard sell to our raiding officer and guild master. We’ll see what happens, we’re still a few weeks from Garrosh. Another option is I have time to talk to this guy and his healing improves a bunch. We’ll hope that one happens.

Oohh, good news everyone! Sorry, Futurama was discussed in class yesterday. Anyway, I got my 2-piece on my druid. I debated rolling on the chest- I had a warforged from Ordos, but stats weren’t as good and the chest would be my second tier piece. I also raid with an awesome shammy who decided not to roll against me for a staff that would be a minor upgrade for him. Only a minor upgrade for me as well- we both had the flex version. I did discuss it with him, make sure he was really ok with it. He’s awesome, and hugs and a shout-out to him for being so nice to me with the loot. Here’s hoping I can return the favor. I bet I will be able to, and I bet it will be a trinket. Grumble, I only just replace my Shado-Pan assault trinket with a flex one. And my other trinket is LFR. Ah well, this hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, back to druid 2-piece: I think I will love it. Only got to experiment a tiny bit with it, but it seems like I might actually unmacro my HT/NS. Or not, no harm in using NS more often. Plus I like my bar set-up as it is.

There has been talk of a Saturday alt run for SoO normal, so our frustrated RL can invite who he wants and do whatever the hell he wants with us. We have 5 people committed, but we’ll see if it starts up this week or not.

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