Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What do I DO?

It’s been a while. I have tried stepping back from WoW a bit. Tests have really started up, had one yesterday, one on Thursday and one next Tuesday. Still having trouble settling on a sleep schedule, but I think it’s getting better. We’l see how today goes, but otherwise the school front has been going OK.

On the WoW front, my Tues/Thurs group is swapping things around, having a tank and DPS swap places. About half of them got a chance to see the strategy for Garrosh that we’d originally tried in Flex last night, but I’m not sure we’ll go with that. There is a lot of concern about the ranged dealing with the engineers doing pretty much no damage to the boss. Oh well, if it doesn’t work for that group, it’ll work for the Wed/Fri group when we get there.

The Wed/Fri group downed Spoils on Friday, and went on to do some great pulls on Thok. I love our raid leader, he worries a lot and works up things to try to help us. That fight was very organized and everyone knew where to go. We didn’t kill him, but we did pretty well for having some annoying healing issues.  We’ll start fresh this week. I have been thinking of offering to extend the lockout on my druid and healing with my shaman, but I think I’ll let it rest. We’ll get there again soon.

We did 1 and 3 in flex on Saturday. Should’ve mentioned keeping spread out in the final phase of Thok a bit more, we pushed him into a blood frenzy phase and had to kite him around from 17% to 4% before everyone died. Then time was up, and we came back on Monday night to start on part 4. Our raid leader was late, which meant I had to explain the fight. We did manage to get Blackfuse down, after a few pulls. Maybe I should just flat-out tell people when I think it’s more important to avoid mechanics and stay alive than DPS? Think I failed to get that point across. Though I was one of the people who died to the belt… I swear, when we did that in normal I rolled off, no issues, but last night? I found it better to wait for the boss to pull me off. After that I had to explain Paragons cause we had people who had never seen the fight, and I was the one who had the cheat sheet open in another window. I gulped, looked at my handy cheat sheet, and did a very quick “here’s what I think is important and might kill people” and tossed a quick hope that things would die too fast to really be an issue- and they did! A nice one-shot there, made me happy. That left us a whole 40 minutes to take our break, kill trash, and explain Garrosh. Which left about 15 minutes for the actual fight, but we did get to part 2. I think the only issue with that strategy is the melee have to be on the ball about moving for the Iron Star, cause we’re so close. But once we get that, and people figure out how to avoid the smashes in the transition phase, and we get interrupts taken care of…. ok, once we get all that down, we’ve got it! 

One of our new-ish guildies came along and healed on her monk last night. I have to tell her later I think she did great. I encourage everyone to heal- even our main tank. Get that druid geared and heal already! I want more healers. MOAR HEALS. This is a little sad to say, but our guild has 1 other healer I completely trust to do things right the first time, no issues. And he’s been our top DPS lately, so… Now there are others I trust after we’ve done things a bit, and talked it over. I just wish I had healers that I didn’t have to worry about again. And possibly more variety- Saturday’s flex had 4 druid healers. Not that I have anything against druids, but I like to have shamans for Mana Tide and so I can steal Spirit Walkers grace (which I am usually quick to snag) and priests so if someone else gets the shaman’s symbiosis, at least I can lifegrip people where I want them.

We really need to either advertise our website is back up, or get that advice day together. The meeting didn’t make it clear about the website being common knowledge for everyone, or just a temporary stopgap til we get a more complete one. So not sure if I should be telling all the people about it. I’m encouraged that people would take advantage of a day to talk about what they can do to improve since I’ve had a few people ask me questions and heard people approach others.

There is one thing that worries me, and I don’t know what to do about it. I like to think of myself as a decent healer, and if you asked me which class I heal best on I’d say druid in a heartbeat. I love my druid, i started as a resto druid. Swapping to my monk and having people consider that my main caused me a bit of heartache. So I am super happy to be raiding on both regularly. My issue is thus: one of my raids has another druid healer, and I see him failing to do things that I think are basic. And I don’t know what to do- should I talk to him? I don’t know him very well, he pretty much only logs on to raid, occasionally for a flex raid, and then logs off right after. I had to speak up one night when I looked at logs and didn’t see any Lifebloom used at all. That’s kinda druid healing basics #1- keep LB on someone (usually tank). I’d say #2 is keep harmony up, and that has some pretty sad uptime too. Should I share the weak aura’s I saw on Beru’s site that helped me a ton? It’s basically this: how do I approach this person- this person I think doesn’t even care about raiding- with suggestions for improvements I think he won’t care about either?

So those are my goals for this week- keep working on the sleep thing, pass my anesthesia test on Thursday, and try to find a way to talk to my fellow healer. I’d really like to know why he raids. Just for my own curiosity.

And vet school quote of the day: If I shine a bright light into your… third eye? No, left eye

-on the pupillary light reflex. 

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