Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not a Bad Night

Raiding last night went pretty well. We started fresh to help gear up our shammy who offered to go DPS for Garrosh. I think he only got one piece of gear for his healy set, and the only other piece that dropped that he could use was a trinket and someone else beat him out. So unless he rolled some bonus stuff, not really a great gearing run for him. Let me tell ya, all the int plate we see we could gear a couple of paladins. A shame we only have 1 DPS pally with a tank off-spec.

Aside from that, raiding went great. One shot everything up to Shamans with 2 healers, and took two attempts on Shamans to get them. Somehow I was the only one standing at the end of that- yay for warlock DoTs killing them while I ran around trying to live and find a safe place to shadowmeld! We ended a bit early, didn’t want to clear all the trash to Nazgrim.

I’ve just looked over the logs for the other healer. In some ways, much improved from last week. Much better harmony uptime. Lifebloom usage, highest was 25%. I’ll have to mention that to him again. I don’t know, to me the two basic “How do I heal as a druid?” things are keep lifebloom up, usually in a tank, and make sure you maintain harmony. And lifebloom should be the easy part of that. If it looks really low on the first fight on Friday, I’ll mention it to him again. Last time I mentioned lifebloom, he told me he lost the spell and it took about 30 seconds to find where he’d bound it

So I did the responsible thing and logged off early to study and sleep. I wasn’t entirely successful in those goals. I did skim my notes, but sleep did not come easy. Then I ended up dreaming I was driving back from school in Alabama with a total stranger when we ran across an elephant on the side of the road stuck to a tree. There was some more elephant stuff, which was kinda neat. I like elephants. All in all a nice dream to remember, I just wish I didn’t remember it because of waking up in the middle, at 4am. This was another morning where I really wanted to roll back over and not leave my bed. My roommates ended up unknowingly helping me out- they hadn’t woken up yet, and they are pretty loud in the mornings. I’ll often wake up early hearing them move about. And it would be an absolute waste to skip class to try to sleep only to be unable to because of a few loud people.

Plus, I really like this path lecturer and feel bad from him when people skip. And it’s Thursday, I’ve got normal classes and 1 lab. I’m an adult, suck it up and be one for a day.

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