Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So we took our epidemiology final yesterday. It went very well, but I had a bit of an issue with how things were presented. Well, not really annoyed by it, just a disgusted head shake and thought “really?” in a mental incredulous tone. Our tests are on computers, and timed, but if you finish early you can leave. Well, most times, but that’s another rant. So today they told us if you are going to finish early and leave, sit on the edges, and if you are going to need more time sit in the middle. Ok, fine, we’re not 5, we’ve been doing this 2 years, we know that. Then they wrote it on the board. And announced it 2 more times. Made it very, very clear. 

And I felt like they were treating us as if we had no clue, like we hadn’t been doing this once or twice a week nearly every school week for two years. I mentioned afterward to some of my friends that I didn’t really appreciate being treated like I was an idiot in professional school. And they said this: Have you met some of our classmates? They kinda need it. Lower your expectations.

Lower your expectations. That kinda stopped me for a sec. We are in professional school, going to be doctors. And we need to be told to use common sense? Then again (as I write this in class) our professor just had to stop and go “wait, what am I saying?” and think about his point a sec before continuing. Though to be fair, it was a relevant tangent.

I have a bad habit of expecting everyone to be like me, in terms of preparation and caring. In WoW and school. I expect people to show up on time and prepared, with flasks and some background of the fights. I expect people to care about the 9 other people who they raid with, and put forth effort. And then I get upset when they don’t. Lower my expectations. I thought I’d been working on that, but it became clear to me last night that I clearly have much more work to do here. I was just surprised and disappointed that I have to work on it in class too.

Flex went ok last night. I was expecting no troubles on Seigecrafter, but we had the usual- people took damage from spikes, stood in the way of sawblades being blown off the platform, complained about things I had no idea how to fix because they’d never been an issue for any of the people I know and regularly run with. Paragons took 2 tries, we had something weird go on with the first guy we killed. Had Amber Parasites up everywhere, lots of healer deaths. But we got them on the second try.

Then Garrosh. I took my monk, for the extra DPS and hopefully some practice on healing, try some new things. Unfortunately that meant someone else was in charge of typhooning adds back, and there were some issues with placement of weapons because people can’t get “stand far back.” Ok, that one is partially my fault for not re-explaining the fight this week since everyone was there last week or I thought they knew it. I’m just griping cause a lot of the faults with flex were probably because of lack of explanations. This is the expectation thing- I expect you to remember things from week to week, and not need an explanation every week.

So I am hopeful next Monday we’ll get Blackfuse and Paragons down early and have some time to work on Garrosh. Eternally optimistic, still overestimating people’s abilities. We’ll get him!

But I do have to wonder, AM I expecting too much of people?

Vet School Quotes of the day:
“If you bolus potassium, it’s called death.”
On urine: “God made it gold for a reason.”

Not exactly a quote- but our professor asked if we’d had any radiology, and the class started laughing. Threw  the professor for a sec, and I think he’s still confused. A discussion of our radiology class would turn into a rant. We’ll just go with radiology- something I will have to develop proficiency in myself.

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