Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Whining a bit

So this started as an awful, whiny post about how I’m tired and stressed and need to take a break and sleep. I’ve decided to take a break from WoW. Well, sorta- what I mean is I am not going to log in before 5pm today. Not going to worry about camping the bunny, or plan things I need to do. I did all my world bosses yesterday, I don’t want to do LFR for challenge mode gear for my shaman or monk. I’m all farmed up on all the mats I need for few days except leather, and I can live without that for a while. 

What sparked this was a bout of crying during raid last night. I play WoW for fun. There is absolutely no reason to cry, ever, over anything in game. People in the game having issues, sure, but a bad pull? Something is wrong, and it’s with me. I was way too invested. Sure, the tired, stress, and long days recently probably didn’t help. I need to step back and remember, I do this for fun. I am not a raid leader, I don’t need to take charge. Relax, mute my mike for a night and don’t worry about it. (I did try that- I am very bad at keeping muted) I can afford a quite few nights of expensive repair bills before I have to earn more gold. 

So my WoW goals for the week are simplified. I will log on for raids. I will camp the bunny in the evening before raids, and if anyone wants to run something for fun maybe I’ll go along. The Arena season is ending, so maybe we’ll do some this week to try to gear up my shaman friend, but I won’t worry about it. At least I’ll try not to :)

And this is the big thing- I am going to say “good night” and log out after raids. And go to sleep. I tried last night to make a to-do list for to day. The first thing involved waking up at 7:30 and taking a walk, which I promptly blew off. I did manage to sip my smoothie outside for a little while, get some sun and remember I live on a tropical island. I’ll try to be a little better about it the rest of the week.

So this started out a whiny post, and kinda ended that way. But believe me, it’s way more relaxed that what I originally wrote during the raid last night.

Update: I spent a good bit of the afternoon napping, and now I can close my eyes and not feel anything. No mild stinging, nothing. It’s great.  Well, I can feel the slight sting at first, and if I squeeze real tight. But not the one that slowly builds after I close my eyes right away. I like it. 

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