Tuesday, February 4, 2014

There's at least one confession in here.

So there’s a pretty funny thread on the forums- Confessions of an Abused Healer. First, it makes me want to go tell my tanks I <3 them, and thank you for worrying about how difficult you are to heal. I am not going to notice unless there’s an issue, so asking me is kinda pointless. My usual answer is I “didn’t notice an issue, and I still had mana, so I guess you were ok” only phrased better. Unless there is a problem, I don’t pay attention. 

Next I had to think about what I’d name my chapters, if I had to write a book like that. First thing that comes to mind is “I Was Lying on the Ready Check” though that applies to myself… Only lost 1 tank that way. To be fair, there was no ready check, he just assumed that because I was standing right next to him it was safe to pull trash. He had no idea I was really alt-tabbed, and splat went the tank. Oopsies. I try not to do that anymore without notice.

On healing with other healers: “Do you know what a dispel is?” comes to mind. Would have to have a chapter about the mysterious, never appearing damage buff the fire is rumored to provide (hint- there isn’t one) and how the stupid hunter better stay in range of me if he want’s to live because I am not chasing his ass after Thok, thank you very much. Would certainly need one for what is good to stand in. Perhaps a part of the Fire: Not a Hidden Haste Buff chapter could mention leafy green circles. 

Flex last night went very nicely.  We got Thok down quite easily, 2 or 3 pulls. Very nice, I think our raid leader was dreading it enough to consider skipping him. Had a few attempts on Seigecrafter, so most of our group has seen the fight now. Have a few things to work out- best way to avoid the spikes, don’t walk backward from the fire, don’t drop sawblades in melee, etc. Though that last one is my fault- I saw that issue from the start and didn’t say anything about standing at max range/close to it until a few pulls in. I think we’ll do OK next time we get there in normal (hopefully Wednesday). I need to give a shout out to our awesome lock, who swapped toons as requested to help us out on Thok. And who healed awesomely while I took turns DCing through large parts of Thok. I love him, and miss healing with him- which I told him, and I think that’s encouraged him to heal more. Though then we lose our top DPS. Can’t seem to win.

I’m excited for Garrosh tonight. I had our raid leader explain his horde guilds strategy to my Tues/Thurs raid leader, it seems simple enough. Side note: I know some really awesome people, and I should tell them that more. Here’s hoping it works out! I am hoping for a nice, early kill leaving us standing around awkwardly the rest of the night wondering what to do. I am not expecting that, but I am still hoping for it. 

I’m in a good mood- ended up missing 1 question on my test this morning, and it was one I would not have remembered if I had reread my notes this morning before the test. Puts me in a good mood. Combined with the caffeine and chocolate, plus having my charger in class so I can get my world boss kills knocked out on breaks I am one happy panda.

And the quotes of the day from vet school: “First thing you have to do if you come to Edinborough is get over this. That’s not funny.” On their name, Dick Vet College.

“They will use it to gut you. They come at you and they take it and do this. It's awesome.”- on working with a certain species of bird, a cassowary I think.

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