Monday, February 3, 2014

An Interesting Week Ahead

I feel like I wasted the weekend. I went and camped the Darkmoon Bunny, cause I know myself. If I wasn’t doing something in WoW, I would want to. Camping a rare is boring enough that I may study while I do it. Well, that was the goal. Reality- I did read my notes once. I helped finish out the scenarios the guild needed to try to get some gold back in the bank. Coincidentally capping valor on 3 toons and making some nice headway on a fourth.

Epidemiology is a not terribly interesting subject, but it is our first test. I have read the notes again, and I feel confident I will do well on the test. RR for cohort, (a/(a+b))/(c/(c+d)), and OR for case-control ad/bc. Just need to remember that.

So tonight is our flex, part 3. Here’s hoping we get the first 2 down quickly, and can take Thok down too. I’m hopeful we can. I’ve been practicing my kitty DPS so I can swap to feral if needed. And I’m all stocked up on burning seeds. The important things, right?

As far as school goes, this is a week I have been anticipating for quite some time. I may have explained this before, but for the Caribbean vet schools (Ross and SGU) the clinical year is completed at a different school. This week, the schools send representatives to talk to us. I’ve been leaning towards one for a while, mostly due to location. It’s about 3 hours from my home, and I would love to be that close. I could bring my dogs with me again. Though that is something I have been debating long and hard, and will have to talk to my parents about. 

Let me explain- I consider all the dogs my dogs. We have 3, Lina, Bella and Kenzie. Lina is the oldest and best-behaved. Kenzie is the youngest, the German Shepherd. And Bella, while 5, acts like a nut. She’s a lab, like Lina, but she never got a good basic training. So while she knows sit, down, stay, get off the couch you idiot, etc. she can’t do some things. Like walk well on a leash (though a gentle leader does wonders) and she gets excited easily. When my step-dad had his accident, and I was in undergrad at VA Tech, I took Bella back to school with me to help out. She’s the strongest and hardest for my mom to control at the time (she has improved) so I consider her the most mine. (though for the sake of free heartworm meds at school they are all mine.) If I’d gone to vet school within a drivable distance she would have come with me. 

Since she has been at home with the other dogs for a few years now, I worry about separating her from them. I will offer to take Bella and Kenzie, but I think that would make my step-dad sad. My parents are looking for a house with a fenced-in yard, which would make letting the dogs out much easier. Things are harder for Norm, walking the dogs-especially in cold weather- is difficult for him. But why go borrowing trouble. Is that the phrase? This is more than a year off. Things could change quite easily then, and for all I know I could end up out in CA, which is a really long drive that would be tough with 1, let alone 2, dogs. And if I felt comfortable taking Bella on a plane she’d be at school with me already. We vet students know all the tricks about making sure your pet flies in the cabin with you.

A side note- Bella took 5 hour car trips to Blacksburg with me just fine, then started getting nervous in the car and chewing seat belts. So long car rides, probably not the best. Also why I avoid planes. Do not want to be charged for plane seat belts.

Anyway, this week. All the schools send representatives out to talk to us. Presentations will be held, 15 min each, over the next 3 afternoons. I already like NCSU from their location, I am hoping I will like their programs as well. Other schools I am leaning toward (right now, based solely on location) include VMRCVM and Tennessee. VMRCVM, is VA-MD Regional College of Vet Med, at VA Tech. I love Blacksburg, I love Tech. I am looking forward to all the presentations, and I do want to see all of them. Who knows, maybe I’ll decide to take the chance to travel and try for one of the Australian schools. I don’t submit choices until next year, so who knows what will change?

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