Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Review

In terms of studying and sleeping like a normal person, this weekend was a bust. In getting random achieves and starting another legendary quest line, you could call it a success. After flex on Sat, we finished the last two bosses of Ulduar. They were bugged last time, and the trash and General Vezax went missing. Still no mount (I’m not counting on it) but 2 more fragments!

After that, my boyfriend wanted to run something for a chance at a transmog weapon. I think it was Dragon Soul? I had been there once before, but we did it on heroic. Picked up a few achievements there, then went on to Firelands (also heroic). I took my druid along to refill my stock of seeds, realized I had the legendary quest and decided I might as well collect the stuff. Maybe I can go back and finish it, I’ll put it on the back burner for now. So it was nice to knock out those 2 on heroic, my boyfriend had been wanting the Firelord title for quite some time.

It was around 11 after that, so we knocked out I Hate This Song and Share the Love, nice to knock out the achievements that take more than 2 people. Share the love took a while, kept impaling the mage. But we got it, yay! Now I should to do those Occulus achievements…

Sunday, what did I do Sunday… Ah yes, that was running scenarios to fill out the guild bank, some gathering, and we did MSV on heroic. That was fun. Everything was pretty easy til the last boss. Seems moving away from the sparks doesn’t occur to people… Of course, I can’t speak. I died once horrible to a spark very early (before the bosses came down) and it didn’t occur to me Storm, Earth and Fire would be useful until our last pull. Who’da thunk it, right? Silly monk. Tired monk, is what I was. Was getting a headache. But we did it!

Why did I tell someone I would do HoF heroic Monday night before flex? I have a final on Tuesday…
I will help if they need a tenth, and plan on going. Which means a quick nap after class and then studying epidemiology until my eyes bleed. I am hoping for a super quick flex, but not counting on it. By now everyone should know how to live through Seigecrafter at least, and Paragons went really nice last time.  Garrosh we only saw for about 10 minutes, so here’s hoping we get to him and get him down. 

I need to chill, and realize people do this for fun. This is like me tagging along for old Cata stuff with no clue what I’m doing, just to hang out. So I should stop being ticked at people for having never seen the fight. Well, I wasn’t mad- I just didn’t want to explain paragons. Thankfully I have my cheat sheet to go on, and things go too quick in flex to worry much about. But I don’t want to explain it again. That 10K gold fine we never pay says I will though.

Man, the vet school stuff for today was great. We had a new lecturer for avian/exotics, and he did story time, and talked about things he has done.
So first, vet school quotes:
“We can do story time, unless you want to go over some avian hematology.”
“Turns out koi herpes is reportable. Who knew?”
“Every spring was fawn napping season.”
“It’s not like I crawled up in the cow’s vagina and kept warm.”
“If I told you how many times I’ve done this, you wouldn’t believe me.”- as a good answer for a client when you have never done the procedure before.

He basically went over some of his experiences, how he went from someone who wanted to be a food animal vet to seeing exotics. What I took from that lecture was don’t be hasty in saying “no, I don’t treat fish/birds/elephants/whatever that thing is.” He did have a few people to help him, but he has some awesome experiences because he agreed to see things, like the circus elephant. As it turned out, he also saw a ton of other animals there, and they paid in cash. That was mentioned several times. Very important- get payment. Lots of threads on VIN about payment issues.

Overall that was a fun morning, and I think I will like that guy when he teaches poultry, even though I am not a fan of chickens. I really wish I was- poultry vets can make a lot of money, and lately I’ve been worried about paying back my loans.

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  1. Exotics? Now that is cool! I hope to do heroic msv one day.