Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

So my weekend was pretty nice. It was my birthday on Friday, and neither of my raids managed a Garrosh kill for me. But in a surprising turn of events, my Friday raid took two attempts each on Seigecrafter and Paragons and killed them both, netting us 2 new bosses. I think we are still starting fresh on Wednesday. Which is nice, I really don’t want to spend 4 nights a week wiping on Garrosh.

Saturday was flex, parts 1 and 3. One went well, but 3 was a pain. We’re getting to the point where we only have 2 or 3 people bringing mains, and maybe 3 or 4 more decently geared people, and the rest are undergeared alts. So we ended up only getting Malkorok down and wiping on Spoils. I want people to gear up- especially the other healing alts- but at the same time, I wish a few more would bring their mains so we could clear things. Maybe we should go back to doing part 2 again. I started the 1 and 3 on Sat so we could do 4 on Monday, because I think people want chances at the heirlooms (and I still need Kovok). I’m going to tell our raid leader to quit asking me what I want to do, cause then when things don’t work out I get frustrated and mad at myself, and start thinking “if I’d only done <something else> we’d be done.” Following flex we did a quick (for us) challenge mode-  Shado-Pan Monastery, which was the daily. And I learned if you don’t turn in that quest that day, you lose it. We managed gold after a few tries- think it took us a little over an hour. After that, my Tues/Thurs raid was working on Garrosh some more, but I told that raid leader I was honestly too tired and would be a hindrance. And went on to do Firelands and snag 2 missing achievements for the meta, leaving only Do a Barrel Roll and Only the Penitent left. I might try to get those on normal- we’ve been doing it on heroic.

That whole day was a blur- I bought Ready Player One after reading Matty’s recommendation. It was my birthday, I wanted a book. So after raid on Friday, I thought “I’ll just read a bit” and finished the book, staying up to 4:30.  Bad idea, I spent the whole weekend groggy and trying to catch up. 

Sunday I went out with some friends to Le Phare Bleu, one of my favorite restaurants here. They appeared to have redone their menu, and my normal dish was missing. But the food was still good, and I had fun playing games with my friends. The  pool was a bit of a disappointment this time- absolutely full of dead bugs. Kinda gross. But a fun day, ending with some frozen yogurt. Got home with enough time to take a quick nap before the ToES heroic run. We downed the first boss after a few attempts- healers forgot to dispel the prisons so people died, we had no clue what the adds were so that hurt, our raid leader was in trouble with his girlfriend and couldn’t get on vent, and ended up leaving early so we’ll try again next week. 

I did finish my bone collecting, and got my white raptor mount. It was fun to pull all the things as a tank and kill them. It took forever- the big dinos would respawn on top of me as I killed their comrades. I got better- eventually, I had to wait a whole 30 seconds for respawns. But the whole time I had 3 deaths, and all of them were being stupid and not looking at my health. So yay! it was fun, and since my transmog for that is purple, I love it. I’ll have to share pics of my monks transmog, I love both of them at the moment.

And today I get to hopefully knock out some of For the Alliance before finishing heroic HoF and then starting flex, whatever part we chose to do tonight. I might leave early depending on how things go- I really need to work on this decent bedtime thing, and being busy from 8-12 is not the best way to get more sleep.

Vet school quotes:
Have you eaten lunch, or are you going into lunch? (before a diarrhea video)

The dumbest kidney on earth is still smarter than the smartest clinician.

I would kill one that way (on never ever use milk vein for anything in cows)

Don’t get a needle in the vein of an alpaca and realize your wire won’t go through, nothing but profanity will follow.

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