Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Doin' OK

Last night ended up being a lot less busy than I expected. For the Alliance and the HoF heroic were cancelled. That left me what I thought was a nice, open night to help start flex, invite the regulars who are part of my friends list and not the guild, maybe kill a boss then step out. Then my RL sent me a message, he was unable to make it to flex tonight. He did tell me I could let the other people lead if I didn’t want to. But I know them, and of the other 2 officers who attend- 1 wasn’t always a guarantee, and while I’d love to watch the other lead a raid I thought it better I be there. He’s way more blunt than I am, but I thought I should stick around and provide a gentler touch. Though I do thank him for getting everyone to listen a bit on Garrosh. How foggy is “when you’re ready stand on the bouncing tree”? Apparently more than some can handle.  

But flex wen’t well, we killed Seigecrafter in a handful of pulls, and one-shot Paragons. And someone rolled a Kovok! Surprise, it wasn’t me. At least is was someone nice. Well, there’s no one we have in our guild I’d consider not-nice- just not outgoing people. But this person was someone I once sent a stack of Agility flasks to, on their request, and occasionally send a few more to here and there, and they have been sending me their extra cloth, herbs, and leather ever since. Super nice :)

No luck on Garrosh, but in our half an hour of pulls we made it to phase 2. All in all a great night for having 1 tank who was returning to WoW after a break and hadn’t seen these fights from a tanking PoV. Poor guy, relying on me for explanations. Thankfully our other tank, though he doesn’t tank often (usually our top DPS) knew what to do, and we had 2-3 more people who tanked normal on occasion there to throw out the info I skimped over. And a good night for having a lot of low DPS- lots of alts. Only 1 or 2 deaths to the Iron Star our first pull. We’re having trouble getting Garrosh to the right place after the transitions, but I think having our RL back to tank will help. I am optimistic we’ll get it in flex eventually. It’s tough when we only get half an hour on him, but soon we will get Seigecrafter down quickly and I won’t need to explain every fight to new people each time and we’ll have more time on Garrosh.

In other news, I am looking forward to arenas starting back up. Very excited for that. My Tues/Thurs RL asked me to get my tanking set together. I already have it, and told him so. He is thinking of 3-tanking Garrosh, which makes me sigh a bit. I will give anything a shot once, but I told him what I think: a lot of raids 2-heal, 2-tank, and just learn to deal with the mechanics. Unstated, but hopefully heavily felt was as should we. I’ll give anything a try, but I think it’s not the best idea. Meh, whatevs. I’m less concerned about this Garrosh kill since my second team managed to make it there. Hopefully we’ll end Friday with Thok down, at least, and get at least 1 night on Garrosh the next week.

I have been enjoying playing as a brewmaster, though I haven’t tried to tank anything. I love not having to worry about dying, and I feel if I didn’t have to pay attention to my health as much tanking would be easier than healing. Not watching everyone health, buffs, and debuffs, just watching a few things and moving like I already have to as a healer. I’m still nervous to actually tank anything. Think that goes back to how much I expect from my tanks. Though it would be really nice to be able to set the pace I want. I’m working my way up to it. We have…7 potential tanks right now, so it seems my services are unlikely to be needed.

So lots is being planned for the future. We are working on another CM group, the group of us that got golds done, for some alts. Poor guy in charge of all these things I am listing off. Cause there’s a second group that will start sometime, after we finish either this group or the Sunday Heroic raids we’re working on (he also leads those), plus an alt Normal SoO run one night a week starting sometime, he wants to start CM another night to finish our group up. Plus he’s our RL. So that’ll be 2 days of SoO flex, 2 nights of normal, 1 other normal, 1-2 nights of CM, and heroic HoF/ToES to finish. Lots to do. And lots for me, since I’m involved in all of that (maybe minus 1 of the CM groups, not sure) plus another 2 nights of raiding.

I really hope our group downs Garrosh this week. I have midterms in 2 weeks and might need to step back from WoW a bit, and I want to kill Garrosh first. I am not sure yet what I plan to do- only raid, stop raiding and only do fun filler things, or just study more and stick with my WoW schedule as it has been.

Today is going to be a long day. I have class or meetings from 8:30-2. I couldn’t fall asleep til after 1, and my roommates got home at 3 and woke me up. Then after I fell asleep again, one wandered into the wrong room and woke me up again. I really want to nap after all that. My plans to knock out the world bosses and try some arenas may have to wait a few days. 

Vet school quotes today:
“The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) people just fell in out of the USDA cloud in the sky.” - on dealing with an Exotic Newcastle Disease outbreak in birds.
“I’m going to assume those of you who answered these [wrong answers] really meant this [right answer]”
"We have 2 plexi, cause i’m sure that’s the way you say it….. plexuses? I like plexi."
"Clearly I was drinking vodka when I wrote this."
"That horrible horse gut on fingertoes. That’s why horses have such a hard time with life."
"It is larynx and pharynx. if anyone says larinks or parnicks I will literally shake you like a baby."

"I will give anyone a dollar if you can tell me the plural of pancreas without looking at your computer… EC of course."

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