Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick Update- Paragons Down!

Whoo! Oblivion, my Tues/Thurs raid, made it to Garrosh. It was our raid leader’s birthday, and we were told all he wanted was to squash some bugs. And we did. It wasn’t a pretty kill- with the last 3 up, we started losing people for some reason- a tank went down, but thankfully the klaxxi died quickly, leaving one tank and two bugs- doable. Then I noticed the other 2 healers were dead, and it was just me. I do not like it when they leave me alone- so I called out for people to run through my healing spheres, focused on the tank and kept an eye on the DPS who had picked up the scorpion buff. She helpfully called it out so I could place some heals on her and keep our tank alive.  I can’t remember how many were alive at the end, but we got it. No pet, but I keep getting nice weapons for my offspec- a very pretty axe, have to decide if it is better than my current weapon. 

A note- that fight is soooo much nicer when we managed to kill the first guy before he called the little amber worms to nom us. Made things way easier to heal.

We tried a few pulls on Garrosh, just not sure which is the best strategy for us. We’re extending next week, I’m sure, and we’ll work on it then. I think I might have to make an effort to be near ranged for interrupts- usually as my monk I stay with the melee group. But first we have to get to that phase, so I’ll worry when it comes.

My napping plan might have to be scrapped- lovely nap yesterday afternoon, stayed up til 3 AM. Not the best idea. 

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