Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nice Start to the Week

Can’t remember if I mentioned it, but challenge modes are officially completed on my druid. Plus some, we had to go back and do a few more for the hunter we swapped in after the start. I’ve also managed to run Ulduar 3 times this week, and promised my self to 2 more next week. That’ll be fun.

There has been talk of putting together a Herald of the Titans group. I’m up for that, I have a 60 horde monk I can push to 80 and get geared up. I am a little nervous about healing at that level on a monk, but I probably shouldn’t be. So I might have to do more than fistweave, I am perfectly capable of it. If I am planning to do challenge modes healing on my monk, I better be able to heal a raid group at 80 with help. I just tend to get nervous and doubt my abilities. No matter how much praise my tank gives me for healing him in challenge modes in his PvP gear. Which he did switch out of, before the last boss. 

In other news, Thok went down. I probably mentioned that already, but I am still proud of my group for getting it together. Next week- Seigecrafter, and Paragons. I am confident we can take each of them down in a night. That is, if we extend the lockout.

I have finally taken the plunge and picked out a transmog for a brewmaster set. Cause that’s the most important part, right? And I also turned in my flex tier leg token for brewmaster legs. Ok, I haven’t learned the spec yet. So it’s more like dipping my toes into the pool. I want to finish out Brawler’s guild before I drop the DPS spec. Got to rank 8 yesterday, and I think I have half of the collect your deck achievement. So a little more work there and I’ll actually switch. I promise. I think. It’s that nervousness thing coming back again.

Classes have started up again. I am writing this on my breaks, since it’s the first day subject material has been very light. I’ve been told 4th term is fun and interesting. We’ll see how that turns out. In terms of scheduling, we have morning classes and afternoon labs, with no more than 3 afternoons a week. It looks nice, and I prefer the morning schedule. I whine a lot about waking up early, but once I adjust I am usually happier and more alert. Plus, it looks like we get good, interesting professors. Not that we’ve had any truly awful ones, but we get some of the ones who really make me pay attention.
Though I’m a bit annoyed, part of the projection if hanging off the edge of the screen, and it is really bugging me for no known reason.

And I need to let my raid lead know I feel confident healing on my little shammy for normals, if he wants to save the lockout on my druid so we can skip Shamans. I took her into a PUG normal. And while that group barely lived long enough to see Immerseus split more than once, I was easily able to heal a very green tank and all the DPS near me. If we are 3-healing it with my regular group I will be more than fine, the issue will be if they need to swap out a healer for a DPS to get gear. Of course, in that case I’ll just be the leaving healer.

And my lesson for the weekend is: don’t join PUGs without a) expecting to lead them, wether it is my group or not, and b) inspecting the group leader to see if  kills look likely. I hate leaving people hanging, but after an hour with the Immerseus wipes- and not even close ones, but all before or on the first split- I left group, tanking the DPS I’d bribed into coming with me, which made that group fall apart. On the plus side, everyone was very nice., and I would have been more than happy to offer the suggestion of dropping it to flex, but I had already done flex, as had a tank and a DPS that I knew of. 

Since I am writing this during breaks and I keep thinking of things to add it keeps getting longer and longer. Not a bad thing, this is keeping me a bit more awake. My later bedtime is catching up to me. I hope I can perk up for Dr. Corrigan next class, she can be brutal. She is a ton of fun, but here’s an example of her sense of humor. We had a lab where we switched from station to station. At hers, she gave us a piece of paper and told us to be quiet, this was a test. Then when we gave her our papers, she looked at them and laughed for a few minutes before telling us it wasn’t a test, just trying to get us to make a decision and give her an answer.

Update: Monday night flex went alright. Wiped on Thok, but 2 shot Malk and 1 for Spoils. Apparently I was sounding a little bit more pissed off than I thought. I apologized for it later and someone went “yeah, I was asking around to see if I was the only one who thought that.” Yikes! Clearly I need to sleep more and mute my mike a bit. Hopefully I can manage a short nap today, but I have a feeling I will need caffeine to stay awake through class.

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  1. Grats on your CMs! I still have 2 to get - hope you get the rest of Siege down as easily as you did Malk and Spoils, I know you can do it!