Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Nice Night

Alright! Last night was fun- there was an officer’s meeting last night. I was concerned. It was called pretty abruptly. The way our GM mentioned it made it sound, to me, like she was pissed off about something. And I think she was, to a degree. The flex runs- requiring a certain ilevel to attend one.  Of course, now that we’ve listed it as a requirement twice, everyone has reached it, so it’s kinda a moot point. But we were gently rebuked about the goal of our guild again- to be a fun, inclusive place. That happens to raid, but that is not the point of our flex runs.  

We have a temporary website up and running again, thank goodness. It seems like as soon as the website went down I began to find things to share. Though when I tried to post something to the forum, it appears to work but I can’t look at the post without getting an error. Hopefully our tech officer will sort it out soon.

In other news, yesterday was the one year anniversary of the guild I raid with- big grats to them, they are wonderful people and have a guild I would be proud to be a part of, if I hadn’t already found a home in another lovely guild. Speaking of, our guild is going to be celebrating its 2 year anniversary in March. I have a list of ideas for activities, which I have sent on the the guildmaster, but I am always looking for more fun things.

While that meeting was going on, I continued to raid. We started fresh since we were missing another person and I was out of vent. Only 1 death due to not paying attention- whoops, my bad. Otherwise, a decent night- cleared up to shamans, with a later start and a semi-paying attention healer was excellent. Shamans were our only wipe too, so well done guys! And well timed, telling me you DE'd the off spec weapon I could really use right as things were getting sharded. 

My Wed/Fri raid has settled on a 2 week schedule, and should be starting fresh this week. Our raid leader is a little worried about shamans. We wiped a lot, and i didn’t realize how much he was taking to heart. Lots of people were asking tanks to do things, and it kinda came across as the raid blaming tanks for wipes. We eventually got by, and that one shot of general afterwards felt really good. But I think we will do great tonight. We also cleared up the issue of who was a reserve and who wasn’t, which is nice. I don’t mind the swapping people in and out, but I do not like to exclude good people from progression. 

I have changed my plan a bit- I am going to embrace the nap instead of worrying about an earlier bed time. I like naps, and now I will have plenty of afternoons to experiment with how long a nap I really need. In general, naps start at a minimum of 90 min and go up, but now I will have lots of time to adjust that. Maybe 30 minutes is really plenty. What I really want is an alarm that counts down from when I fall asleep. Perhaps some day that will be a thing.

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