Saturday, January 18, 2014

Actually Took the Plunge

And did some PvP. Shocking, I know, but thank goodness for my friend who has been running arenas with me. I m actually dead right now as I start this, waiting for my DK to kill their rogue. I feel like all I do is keep him alive to kill things, and occasionally hold their attention while they kill me. But it has been fun. I went with my druid, Elaylda. And boy is the PvP gear not pretty to look at, at least this set.  And he killed the rogue, back to the next one.

So we promptly ran Ulduar to get the staffs my monk got on Tuesday again for my druid to mog over the PvP gear. Only got 2 of the 3 I was hoping for, but Lifebinder and Intensity are nice, even if she didn't get Dreambinder, which I really wanted. Dreambinder is my monk's current transmog, even though it doesn't match cause it's so pretty. But the others are still nice, and I picked up some missing achieves along the way.

Arenas have been up and down. I have a decent amount of gear now, but still more to get. It's fun though, even with our strings of losses. We were one win away from the 1550 rating achievement, and lost 7 in a row after that. Oh well, I am hopeful we'll get it soon.

I feel like I should be doing more. I have a decent amount of CC, and I occasionally forget to use all my abilities. This did give me the push to finally make mouseover macros and combine a few abilities with macros and key bind some additional things, which I think has helped my PvE self a little bit.

On to raiding- Oblivion is still stuck on Thok. However, I just read the nerfs coming with the next raid reset, so I imagine we'll get him then, at the latest, but the plan is to go in tomorrow afternoon, and raid from 2 til he's dead or the tank and I leave to run challenge modes.

Icon had a great night last night, we finally managed to kill shamans and then went on to do a fabulous, perfect one-shot of Nazgrim. I don't think we had a single death til 10%, and then only lost 1.  I am really glad, shamans were frustrating and the one shot felt nice. As a plus, I liked where we tanked him, and might mention that to my other raid's tank as a good spot. My tier gloves and trinket dropped, but I have war forged from Ordos and the other healer won the roll *grumble*. Actually, both healers rolled higher than I did. But since it replaced a level 500 trinket for him, I can't be sad.

As far as school goes, I made it to Grenada and classes start on Monday. I flew in on Wednesday, plane was supposed to land an hour and a half before we raid which I thought would give me plenty of time to get back. After all, campus is less than 10 minutes from the airport. I forgot the lines. Some bad luck had me in the last row of the plane, one of the last people off, one of the last in the immigration line, and then I had to claim an iPad at customs which meant the red line for me. It was 10 minutes before the line even moved. I got home at 9, half an hour after the raid started. And the internet was out in my room. So I rushed to VSL to check the internet there (which was working) but forgot my authenticator so I jogged back to the dorm to get it then headed to VSL again. I was the only one in there, and after raid we did challenge modes. Being alone in VSL made my little paranoid mind think up all kind of scenarios. SGU is a mostly safe place, but even then there are thefts. Occasionally from security guards. It didn't help that all I had to eat were chocolate covered espresso beans. Yeah, that was fun. We did get Siege gold, and Mogushan Palace silver, so that was fun.

Oh! Then last night for raiding the tanks played a not entirely nice (though I would have thought it funny from their end) trick on me. Earlier in the afternoon I mentioned in guild chat I was torn between taking a nap before raid or finding something to do to stay awake. Well one of our guildies heard the word "raid" and started asking questions. He's nice, but not that great a tank. I believe there was a conversation where he mentioned reforging out of hit and expertise because they were useless stats. Something like that anyway. So when I loved on before raid they told me he had pestered them until they agreed to let him raid and they would step aside. With perhaps really good timing, because I had just woken up and gotten a shower, was in the process of getting dressed, inviting a friend to the guild, answering my boyfriends questions. I did not have time right then to sort out what they were doing. And they were apparently laughing too hard. I will have to plan an appropriate revenge. Possibly bring my priest some nights and drag them into awkward places. Ah well, I found it funny once they told me it wasn't true.

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