Friday, January 31, 2014

Well done, guys!

A very nice raid night for my Wed/Fri group. We one shot everything up to Shamans, and managed to down them after 3 attempts. It was a little messy, but I know a few people were very worried about that fight so it was nice to get down.  We’ll start Friday on General, and I am very optimistic that we’ll knock out 3 bosses (at least) on Friday. I’m hopeful we’ll get Blackfuse too and have all of next week for Thok, Paragons, and Garrosh. A girl can dream, right?

What might be helpful for raiding next week, and will probably entice a few more people to come to flex, is trying part 4 on our Monday flex night. We’ll see how it goes on Saturday I suppose. If we’re lucky and quick, we can start on time and knock out 1 in an hour, breeze through 2 and maybe take out Malkorok. I am hopeful, but not expecting that. General Nazgrim always slows us down.

My plan to embrace the nap has met my desire to do things other than sleep. Like level my DK, who hit 90, promptly equipped the timeless isle plate I’ve been saving, DE’d the rest and logged out for what will probably be a few weeks. The plan is to make her my engineer, so eventually I’ll go around and gather all that stuff. Probably soon-ish, since a friend just offered to send me extras they have left from leveling their JC. I feel guilty if I take a long time doing things after someone has helped me get started.

Next up on the leveling list- either my horde monk to 80, or my little lock. I think she’s adorable, but the last time I played her she needed a bag for soul shards. It’s like when  I logged into my first hunter and found a quiver of arrows. I don’t think I have any old druids who still have a few minutes on their thorns buff, but I was amused the time that happened.

So on the general to-do list, in no specific order:
-finish gearing up the shaman and monk for CM
-learn how to play the shaman in CM
-level horde monk to 80
-level warlock to 90
-level engineering on someone
-finish all my Ulduar achievements
-finish my Ulduar legendary on the druid
-convince my shaman friend to PvP with me in the new season, get her geared up and go for that 100 3v3 wins achieve
-note on that one: totally dependent on 2 other people for most of it, so I will be lax in pursuing it
-help plan for the guild’s second anniversary party, if needed
-Start those ICC runs to see what I need to do.
-work on achievements in general
-learn to tank on the monk
-convince our tank that he really wants to heal again on his druid so I can tank
-alternatively, convince our lock he wants to heal again on his druid so I have more healers I can trust and our tank can DPS to his heart’s content
-realize half of these won’t come to pass, accept it, and nap more
-finally get the last 3k giant dino bones for that mount

And finally, another quote from vet school
Another great use for KY lube in your clinic… God that sounds awful. In the back room…

She meant it’s good to add some to water to suspend drugs if you need to. Also for adding to water if you are giving oral fluids to reptiles to help prevent aspiration by making the water a little more viscous.

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