Friday, January 24, 2014

Lots of Raiding! with some PvP

So Tuesday raiding did not result in any boss deaths, but I think it went pretty well. Working on Seigecrafter,  we managed a 7% on our best attempt. It took us a while to get used to the belts, and not put sawblades down where people jump off. Lots of experimentation though, started with 2 healers and sending 2 DPS up, then switched to 3 healers and I went up as a fistweaver just to ensure my DPS could get it down, still 2 DPS in the other group. I think everyone going up the belt missed a jump at least once. I have learned to roll of the belt (yay for monks!) but everyone else usually just runs on the belt til they get pulled off. 

I think getting to the point where we can send only 1 DPS up safely will make a big difference. If I could kill it alone as a WW, I’d volunteer. But my DPS spec is about 545, not sure I could do it. Still, I think suggesting that we only send 1 DPS up is worth a try. Or if we can at least only have 2 DPS plus me doing the belts the whole time, that might help. Problem is we are so light on ranged, the crawler mines can really hurt us.

In other news, my druid did not get the staff from Ulduar. Did get a few shards, so now I think I will go work on that legendary. Luckily I have a buddy who likes that place and is willing to run it with me, in return for help with his legendary from ICC. So I am going to shamelessly use these opportunities to get achievements.

I am torn on who to gear up for challenge modes. I don’t care much about the transmog sets, both toons I am considering have transmogs I like at the moment. I can gear up my monk for healing, but I think the warlock is going to gear up his resto druid. I can DPS with the monk, but a lot of things aren’t melee friendly and we already have a rogue guaranteed. On the other hand, my shaman is missing fewer pieces, and has something usable in all slots. But I don’t know how competent I will be a elemental. I mean, I leveled elemental, and I know in theory what to do. How hard is spam chain lightning on trash packs anyway? What I really ought to do is talk to the guy running it, and get his opinion.

More PvP! I now has a ton of PvP gear, only missing the jewelry. Got my 1550 rating achievement in 2v2, only to promptly lose the next 5 or 6 in a row. I was sad to end the night on a loosing streak, but my partner was getting frustrated and I shouldn’t have even started. But I was one win away from a trinket, then one win away from that achievement, then I wanted to end on a win… Oh well.

And earlier in the day, he managed to talk our shaman into starting PvP as well, and we started 3v3. Took me a bit of getting used to, harder for me to CC as much as I would like and keep everyone alive. I did have fun, and hope we can run some more arenas later. There were some buggy moments, where one of us couldn’t zone in. Actually managed to win one of those, which was fun. And I only popped tree form in the hallway once because I forgot my keybinds. Yes, I am that good sometimes.

Wednesday raiding we decided to extend, and took out Malkorok very easily.  A few pulls, some people getting used to how we place the markers to avoid breaths. However our other tank was not aware we would be extending, and had not seen the spoils fight at all. It took her a while to get the hang of it, and in the mean time one of our healers has an odd UI and couldn’t see the bombs on him and died 2 or 3 times. Since I switched to DPS I was paying less attention to health bars and more to trying to keep my kitty DPS at a respectable level, I wasn’t helping him as much as I should’ve been.

I get really frustrated by mistakes like that, because he’s been in flex with us and how in the world has that issue not come up before? Oh well, deep breath and remind myself we’ll get it on Friday. I feel like I am complaining an awful lot, but apparently I have been keeping it quiet enough to not bug the crap out of everyone else. It was just very frustrating after running spoils on LFR with a tank who a) apparently couldn’t add to 50 and b) couldn’t read my tell to stop opening crates please, we have enough. It’s enough to make me actually switch to tank.

And finally Thursday raiding, we got Seigecrafter to 4% on our second try. Then promptly wiped several times before taking him out. Ended up sending a DPS and me for one group, and 2 DPS or the second group, and I rolled off the belt half-way, just doing enough so the DPS could finish it easily. She did go a few rounds on her own, but it was really close, close enough she though she missed it. I got my tier shoulders, yay! No one got a pet. We did a few attempts on Paragons, but we need people to react quicker to aims. Oh well, we’re going to extend next week and I am really really hopeful we’ll get it. 

Vet school things now: It’s been  along time since I’ve read Hitchhiker’s Guide, but today someone asked if we were panicking yet, and my first thought was “no, I’ve got my towel.” That made me smile for a little while. Then our teacher asked “what do horses do?” and half the class promptly responded “die” I started giggling for a while. So she had to correct, ok, yes they do, but of what? It was a fun day. I have a few teachers I really like. Avian and Exotics is a ton of fun, I like to learn about the things I will rarely need to know. Pathology is as boring as it was last time. Learning dermatology things there, which I know will be important, and a very common issue. They’re just not interesting to me, and the professor, while a super nice guy, is just not that interesting. Very monotone.

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