Monday, January 27, 2014

Bad LFRs Got to Me

I’m ashamed to admit it, but LFR has gotten to me. I’ve been running a lot this week to finish up gear for challenge modes. And the second time through on Spoils, the second time with tanks who can’t seem to count to 50, I got upset. I said in chat- hey, we only however many boxes, some small number, on whatever side we were on. Kept opening boxes. Sent a whisper. Kept opening boxes. Called him an idiot in instance chat. Immediately felt ashamed I’d sunk to that level. Wanted to leave right away, but I really needed a ring off Thok, so I stayed and shut up. 

I mean, I’ve grumped to friends and guildies who come with me, but I’ve never been mean in chat to someone. I’ll call you out if you AFK the whole fight without an announcement, and usually send people tells if they are really obvious about standing in the bad. I like to think of myself as a nice helpful person generally. I make macros to explain fights quickly when new wings come out, I’ll always offer to answer questions, mark targets to help things go more smoothly. I’ve never said anything in general chat, aside from pointing out AFK/standing in fire. I did not like it. Well, lesson learned. Go grump to guildies, leave strangers alone.

On more fun notes: things my vet school professors have acted out in class. One- turtle mating. Very amusing, part of an explanation for why males have a divot on the bottom of their shell, useful for sexing. Very amusing demonstration too. Two- wild stallion trotting. Cute. Of course our classmates have the horses down pat. Asked, “what do you do when you give this drug, and the horse wobbles then falls over?” someone answers “Dig a hole.” Don’t get me wrong, I love horses. I started riding when I was 10, I’ve worked at stables and owned a horse. But boy can they be good a dying.
Other quotes:
“These little pugs, can’t hold them because an eye falls out.”

“Who likes the basenjis? Anybody? “
“They’re so cute.”
“No, they’re not.”

“I figured I’d teach you so you stop asking me what it means.”

“Cause people are afraid of looking at prepuces and penises don’t be afraid.”

“Everything here is the cartoon watered down truth.”

“We lie to you everyday in lecture.”

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