Thursday, January 9, 2014

Break's Over

So that was a long break. First thing when I got home we had internet issues. They've been going on since July, but they were supposed to be "fixed" the day I came home. That turned into 4 days with no internet. I ended up spending a lot of time with my boyfriend, using his internet.

So my break, both here and from school, is almost over. I fly back to Grenada next Wednesday and Virginia weather has decided to remind me why I love Grenada by being miserable and cold. A lot has happened recently. I ended up being in charge of raids for Icon for a few weeks while our lead was out. Went well enough I think, got everything moving at our usual slightly slow pace, no new bosses down but to the point we had been reaching in normal. In flex, we shook things up and started with part 3 on Saturday up to Thok, then on Monday night did 1 and dipped our toes into part 4. We had 3 pulls on Blackfuse, which went about as well as expected.

I'd really like to start in 4 on Saturdays, which is when we get better turnout usually. We've had some new 90's coming along with rather poor gear, and our better geared players don't bother to run flex regularly. After one disastrous night wiping on Nazgrim I conceded to my friends point that we didn't have the DPS to kill Garrosh, and probably were lacking a lot of situational awareness. I am hopeful that we can start killing Blackfuse and Paragons (yay potential pets!). On the pet note, someone got a Shaling on Sha of Pride normal and gave it away, how sweet. We all rolled for it.

So much to say! I also gave out Christmas gifts to all my friends and guildies. I had 30 imperial silkworms in my tailor's bank, and wanted bank space. I also did not have a lot of people to shop for this year, and I enjoy shopping. So I went through my extra pets and the armory and found everyone a pet they didn't have in addition to the silkworms. I received a Coilfang Stalker, Fiendish Imp, and a Pierre! I love them :) and my tailor once again has bank space.

On the normal raid front, Sacred is working on Thok. I will not be able to attend tonight, and since we 1-shot 7 of the first 8 bosses yesterday and cleared Nazgrim, I have great hope they will kill Thok tonight. Though it was pointed out to me that no one else has a working macro to mark for Malkorok yet, I believe they will work that out. I am really expecting the monk tier helm to drop, and I will cry when i hear about it later :).

Icon's raiding has been going well. We have had some work on Shamans, and I thin owe will down them Friday. I feel awkward, as a healer, saying "hey tank, try this so we don't have to deal with a mechanic" but if there are issues I will try. I have set a new record for crates looted while trash is still up- 7. 3 or 4 deaths though, and they did kill 1 pack for me. By myself, the record is 6. I am really, really glad our raid leader is back. I can sit back and let him drive, he is a good tank so we don't have to sub in a not-good one. Now if only I could get people to respond to their calendar invites... I will worry about that next week I think.

In other news, I am thinking of setting up a tank spec on my monk. Used to be we were drawing in healers and not enough tanks. Now we are lacking healers, drowning in people with tank specs but not really great gear/capability. I don't tank, so I don't have any advice to offer. Plus I have 7 burdens of eternity going to waste, and an extra normal tier chest piece... May as well bite the bullet, can always have our hunter/back-up tank heal instead...

But that's for another week. I have some great monk tank resources at my disposal, just have to get things set up and try it out. I just wish I didn't have to give up my DPS spec to do it :(

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