Saturday, January 18, 2014


So there had been a raid scheduled for Sunday afternoon for Oblivion, to work on Thok. I was all set to have some fun with the OLRG tonight and relax, get to bed at a normal hour. And right after flex, I get a tell- can't raid tomorrow, am I available in about an hour? Sure, whatever. I was a little out of it, that hour flew by and suddenly I was wondering why my buffs had run out and what I was doing. But after a quick dip into my stash of chocolate covered expresso beans, I was aware enough for raiding. And success! Thok went down (on the last attempt, as per usual). We should start our last attempts much sooner. Lost a tank during the transition opening up the third gate and did the last ~25% with 1 tank. Always seem to have more success when we sacrifice our tanks too... And my helm didn't drop, but the priest's did, so yay!

After that our challenge mode group got together and finished our last 2 golds, Mogushan Palace and Temple of the Jade Serpent. Yay, immediately went out to buy the pet and took a look at the transmog. We did a quick Scarlet Halls run to get one of the missing golds for the hunter who swapped out in the middle. And of course, after all this time of running with a crit pet, he switched to spell haste so I needed to reforge to make it worthwhile.

On a different track, I doubt I will ever get revenge on my tanks. I can't tell them I'll leave them with the other healers only, cause they have gear and can handle it alone now (tanks and healers- really, I die and the tanks keep on trucking). I can't intentionally kill them cause then I die and I am not into pyrrhic victories like that. I suppose I can mail them off the enchants they ask for before they can give me the mats, but that's not really a revenge, even if it is apparently mildly guilt inducing per one of them. And they make me laugh too much to truly stay angry. Combined with a short memory, lack of creativity for revenge, and waning desire it means nothing will come of this. I suppose all I can hope for is more good times :)

Well, I suppose the only revenge left is to get a tank spec on the monk and have at it. I probably have the gear in the bank for a ~540 tank set. Might be fun one night. Plus I get tired of slow pullers- if I'm healing and can keep you up, let's GO already. Just need to make sure I have a healer if I chose to do that.  I'm already mentally making plans for other people without telling them, perhaps I should discuss them first... Enh, probably will come to night.

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