Friday, May 2, 2014

Reneilla Makes her Debut

My shaman had her debut in our raid team, and we had our best night of raiding to date. Probably unrelated, but she’s very vain and will take credit. We one shot the first 9 bosses in our 2 and a half hour raid, which was very nice. First drop was a strength weapon that no one needed but fit my brand new transmog for my shaman beautifully, so that was nice.

Her luck continued, as usual- main spec tier chest and waist, off spec ring and bracers. Plus the pants I wanted for transmog dropped from the heroic before raid, and one of the leatherworkers with the patterns for the rest was online and willing to craft for me. I loved my old transmog, but I’ve been seeing it all over the place recently.

Lacking a complete transmog for my priest had absolutely nothing to do with why I brought the shaman over her, but it is part of the joking reason I give. I tried a few flexes, and I felt my healing was awful. I’m not sure if I should be casting real healing spells, or just attonement with spirit shell as needed for incoming damage spikes. I don’t have the time to gear and learn priest. And my shaman now only needs 4 pieces, after her run of luck last week.

My raid leader has a sense of humor. He gave me the pally/priest/lock tier gloves, since we lack any of those in the raid. He did the same thing to one of the hunters last week who has a pally as well. After raid, looking through bags, I see gloves and go “WTH?” 

I am happy with the shaman. I love my druid, she’s my favorite and I feel strongest on her. It was really hard to go from druid to monk the first time, switching to shaman was a little less difficult, but I still miss it.

Still haven’t talked with my guild leader, but the other officer did. We’ll see what happens over the next few days, and if we have time today or tomorrow.

And the new mog, copied from something on

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