Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not a Week of Garrosh Wipes

Looks like it’s only half a week wiping on Garrosh, my Tuesday raid started fresh. We killed up to Malkorok, pretty good I think. If this becomes my only raid, I might talk to that raid leader about some things we do that are bugging me.

For example- we 3-tank Shamans, and we’re a melee heavy group. But we never send the melee up the hill, we leave them at the bottom to die to the slimes when they fail to pay attention. Makes no sense to me. We also 3-tank Nazgrim, which made a bit of sense at the start when people were dying to adds. If I had it my way, that mage would die first and we’d just have someone interrupt the shaman. But most people don’t feel the same way and prefer I mark shaman with skull. Anyways, we 3-tank that, but it means the DPS is close at the end. We only recently started using hero at the end- used to pop it right at the start. Which doesn’t make sense to me. If you want to use hero at the start, use it during berserk when the boss takes 25% more damage is my thinking. But everyone is alive and has trinket procs at the start… if I let someone die in the first minute, I’m either AFK or they did something very dumb. But anyways, we killed him, it just takes more effort than I think it needs to and we’re often right at berserk or we struggle with that last wave of adds. And even if nothing changes there, I can talk to that raid leader and we can explain our reasonings. I think I have an issue thinking I’m always right. Ok, I know I have a problem. I can probably let the shamans go- we do kill them easily. Nazgrim we’ll often wipe once or twice on. We’ll jump to 3 tanks in a heartbeat, but suggesting 2 heals is crazy talk. Though we do 2 heal those fights.

Anyways, we’ll start at Garrosh this week for the Wednesday raid. Still a little nervous with the shaman, but I am confident I am a decent healer and wipes will come from learning the fight anyway. Managed to catch up with my guild leader briefly. I’ve been worried about an e-mail I sent her. A lot of the discussion we had was about performance of raiders- one in particular, and I was talking healing numbers, a bit. A druid should never have a fight where lifebloom is never cast, much less an average of 30% uptime. I have many issues with that person, I just used those numbers because that is something that can be fixed with effort. But I feel all she got was I think he’s playing his class wrong. So I wrote an e-mail listing several other issues that seem to be comprehension things. Like failing to see what to dispel on Protectors for months. Lots of dispel issues. Major fight mechanic things, not just “occasionally stands in the bad” but “we’ve talked about this several times as a healing mechanic and he still misses it” and I don’t know how to fix that. I do know things to help track lifebloom, and that can be fixed. Other issues? No clue. So I talked about the one that is fixable, but I thought she missed the point. Then I didn’t hear anything from her for days and I was very worried. I caught up with her briefly, she is working on what we requested and will get back to us. 

Well, we’ll raid tonight, and we’ll all be there. Hopefully we’ll at least set up a time to talk. It’s good she is putting serious effort into it. I know she hasn’t been feeling well, and I would rather get something with time and effort and though put into it. I just want things resolved.

Vet School Fun:

“Really only a few things we can do with this. Anyone know what that is?”
“That is always an option. …Dialysis”

For the few kidney cat transplants- you get a second cat! Because you have to adopt the cat they took the kidney from. Makes sense to me.

“Know who Cthulhu is?…He’s one of the elder gods hell bent on destruction of the world. I am personally going to name a chihuahua this one day.”

“If you haven’t seen it you should. Over the summer when you don’t have to study for my exam.” About the Breakfast Club.

“We actually have something better than vodka. It’s called 4MP… at least in dogs.”

“Started treating it [the cow] with IV ethanol … walked a cow by him, and he got an erection, called it beer goggles and called it good.” —For ethlyene glycol treatment and trying to figure out if cow was drunk or ethylene glycol toxicity was responsible for the ataxia.

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