Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One More CM Down

We managed to knock out Mogushan Palace gold Monday night, leaving just 3 or 4 left I think. We tried Stormstout Brewery, but the tank kept dying on the first big pull, or one of us would pull aggro and die. I remember that starting bit being really tough to heal, and our tank moves really quickly so I had to pretty much follow him and ignore everyone else. Hopefully we’ll get it soon, and at least we were wiping at the start instead of on the last boss. And once again, I needed to run it on heroic.

I just checked the meta, and it told me I had them all. Should’ve looked at the dates and remembered when that shaman got to 90. Whoops. Oh well, I will get the next few knocked out on heroic first. A bit embarrassing. 

I’m looking forward to raid tonight. I’d like to extend and kill Garrosh on Tuesday and have Thursday off, but I’d be ok with starting fresh and breezing through to get gear for some new folks. My Wed/Fri raid should extend, and I’m a little nervous to heal on my shaman, but I also think we’ll spend all of Wednesday wiping, so it’ll be a chance for me to learn and see and organize my CD’s appropriately.

If I hear nothing from my guild leader before the end of that raid on Wednesday, I will try to snag everyone so we can set up a time to talk later in the week. This has been on my mind so much half the dreams I remember lately involve raiding. Ok sure, I left one raid with my cousin and Mom and we went to a fair so I could ride the ferris wheel (which I didn’t get to) and the other one is fading from my mind even now, but there was raiding and talking with my guild leader and raid leader in it. This is just hanging over my head. I want answers so I can stop stressing about this.

In good (well, sorta good) news, I started reading again for fun! I haven’t felt like doing much of anything lately- not studying, reading, watching shows or random things on youtube. I stayed up til 3 reading  (which wasn’t a good idea) but I feel better about my state of mind now. Unfortunately, that state of mind is very very tired. I can sleep soon though.

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