Monday, May 5, 2014

A Week of Garrosh

Well, I got a chance to talk to my guild leader, and I’m thankful the other officer was on to chat with me. He is great about cutting through BS and getting to the point. I’m an officer in that guild. We have someone who is the raid leader, but this is his first raid with our guild. First… I mean, SoO is the first, so it’s been several months now. He’s great, I love him. I’m his back-up for making raids go when he isn’t there, with help from our other officer. We have not been told what we can or can’t require of our raiders. We’re having an issue trying to understand the goal of the raid, what is expected of raiders, and how to evaluate raiders in a helpful way and not come across poorly.
Our guild master said she doesn’t want to require a certain level of performance or people get kicked. But how can you not require something? What is that something, that level of competence required, how do we get everyone there, and how do we evaluate effort? I understand my idea of minimum raid effort and other people’s idea vary quite a bit, but somewhere there has to be a line for “bare minimum required.”

So ideally we’ll hash that out next week and then move on to how to help raiders improve. I do feel bad for my guild leader, she’s had 2 e-mails from me about this. The alst one was a list of complaints to illustrate the issues I’ve seen with a raider. I feel our discussion after raid came across as I felt he doesn’t play his class correctly and that was what my issue with him was, but there are so many more things that make me feel like he needs a lot of work to improve in general paying attention to the main mechanic. So I sent  her that list. Makes me feel like a whiny brat, but I want her to know- it’s not just poor lifebloom use, it’s these major lack of attention issues over several months.

In great news, Reneilla was AWESOME on Thok. Once I got used to timing my healing rain and chain heal around Thok’s screeches, we did fantastic- only one blood frenzy phase. We had 2 practice pulls, where I learned placing and our pally learned that his HoP macro wasn’t working… But once those got fixed, we did fantastic. Shamans ROCK on that fight, and with glyph of water shield I was at nearly full mana the whole time. Just wow. I did feel like I was more active on my druid, but I felt more effective on the shaman.

Totems are cheating- pop one,  and boom, raid gets healed while I twiddle my thumbs. Well, I never “just twiddle my thumbs” but I do relax a bit and cast some catch-up heals, knowing the raid is safe.

This week both raids will be working on Garrosh. Whoo, 4 nights of Garrosh wipes! I’m hoping for significantly less, but you never know. Prepare for the worst and all that.

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