Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's Weird to be DPS

And even weirder when I am top DPS. 

Our Thursday night raid went pretty well. We didn’t kill Garrosh, but things were going smoother. I run that with another guild, and thought I will talk to the raid leader and express my questions on his decisions, I’m not sure how to talk to him about this issue. I am a healer. My off-spec is 558 simply because our only other leather wearer who wants agility is a bear tank, so I get second pick at nearly everything. I swapped to DPS that fight- and topped the charts on half the pulls (ok 2 of the 4 we did is half) which is great for my ego, but not so much for a kill. The 566 hunter (who took the warforged neck last week that was a sidegrade for him and a huge upgrade for my off-spec- I did tell him to take it if it was any sort of main spec upgrade. But I’m not dwelling on it, nope. Clearly not.) was doing consistently 40-60k DPS less than me. And he wasn’t on the engineer. That did not seem right to me.

I eventually managed to mention it, when talk of Monday nights kill came up. Our healer had a disagreement with the raid leader (her boyfriend) over something, and left. With half an hour left in the raid, we simply stopped early. Which left me to go experience the joys of LFR again, yay. Why did I think I wanted to get a legendary cloak for my rogue again? At least I was with friends so we could chatter and I knew a few other people were doing the right thing.

If we extend next week (and if that hunter can improve- I’d swear I’ve seen him top charts in other fights so hopefully it was an off-week) I have no doubt we’ll kill him. I enjoy DPSing for that fight, it’s a nice change of pace. Just gotta quit silencing the healers when they get MC right before a whirling corruption. Cause that didn’t end well.

I still think we are way too slow on transitions- I could be halfway up the stairs by the time anyone else moves, but I’ve learned I tend to die that way so I wait til the tanks move. 

My Friday raid will start at Spoils. We should get that and Thok down easily. I’ve been looking up resto shaman Thok tips all morning, and I feel confident. Ideally we’ll down Blackfuse and Paragons too, leaving all next week to work on Garrosh. I think that raid has a decent chance of getting him with a few weeks of work and practice. We have raiders who listen and try, it will just be learning since I think only….4 of the 10 I expect to raid have done it on flex or normal.

I still haven’t talked with my guild leader. She wasn’t on at all that I saw yesterday, so hopefully everything is ok. The act of sending her my concerns, and discussing them with my raid leader, has calmed me greatly. Plus the really good run Wednesday (figures- complain and things go almost perfectly).

Here’s hoping for: a good raid night, a chance to talk with my guild leader, and a good nights sleep.

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