Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finals Week!

So our raid leader (who is also our main tank) was missing on Wednesday! Had to work late. Leaving me in charge for Garrosh!  Pretty sure I talked 10 minutes straight going over the fight again. Luckily we have an awesome person who could tank, and I had a friend from my other raid fill in the last spot. We were clearly not prepared for Garrosh. I even put “stack here” markers for ranged and people were not paying attention, running the other way. Since tanks were dying really easily, and a few people were kinda pushing for fresh (even though we had 2 items that were upgrades/sidegrades for main spec out of the first 6 boss kills- a sign to me we should be killing Garrosh) so after an hour we went back to a fresh start. We have a lot of work on Garrosh, and I have a feeling I will need to do a lot of calling out for “move now” so people live a little better.  But really, we were losing people before we got a second Iron Star coming across the room (though no one stood in in, so there is that at least.)

I dislike that, but mostly because I personally pay attention to timers and know what’s coming and don’t like to clutter vent. I have to realize it does help other people. Good thing our raid leader does and when he is there he calls out all the stuff.

Our fresh start did go pretty well- we did have a wipe on Galakras. I shared something to track shuffle with our monk tank, hopefully that’ll help them a bit. We will probably go back to Garrosh next week. Truthfully, we probably need to extend and just practice and wipe and practice. I’ll talk to our raid leader about that. Yeah, there are still upgrades to be had from the start for a few people. I think only 1 person can’t use anything. But it’s mostly just 1 trinket, or a ring, excepting my new healer who needs 3 things, and the new tank toon who can use 3 or 4. But we’re all 550+, so we should be good to kill him.

Just practice I guess. Seeing the mechanics, learning what to do/not to do. 

I ended up feeling kinda crappy on Thursday and asked to be replaced, if at all possible, and went to be early once I knew that raid was god to go without me. Friday’s raid was canceled. Too many people missing and I was still feeling a bit bleh. 

And now it’s finals. And that raid stuff we started talking about is still unresolved, and I really don’t want to deal with it til after finals. My plan is to set up a time to discuss things after my last exam on Friday and before out next raid on Wednesday. I’ve been very frustrated and want things cleared up, but now that it has gone on longer than I think it needs to, I’m willing to let it wait a bit longer. I’ve already come to the decisions about what I want from a raid, and prepared for things going either way.

Internet is out today here as well. Which is great on the studying front.  Hopefully I can get a good grade in pathology. Half this stuff we were taught last term, at least the hemopoietic things, so I should be fine. I just worry. 

I wouldn’t expect much from me til after exams. Since we now download before we get to the exam venue, I don’t have to sit in the room for half an hour doing nothing which led to writing posts at midterms. Now I’ll be in there for 10-15 min, so I’ll probably just read fun things.

Since my raid leader was missing, I didn’t push to set up a meeting with everyone. I am hoping we can all talk after my finals are over. I’ve already prepared a brief comment should I decide this raid is no longer for me, and I’ve outlined before a plan to help work on the things I think need work that I can feasibly help should I stay. We’ll see what happens.

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