Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Raiding Future: Still Unclear

So lots has happened. First, I’m home, in Virginia! Done with year 2 of vet school. On the WoW front, I set up a tank spec and tanked flex for our group. Didn’t go too badly. I needed to set DPS up again for our Garrosh attempts, so I haven’t tried to tank again. No work on heroics this week, we were missing too many people to make a good effort likely. My other group is working on Garrosh, and we’re not doing too badly. Still having issues with people killing MCs and not using actual interrupts on empowered MCs, but we did better than I expected. 

And truthfully, the fact that we do decently makes it harder, I think, for my guild leader to see what I have a problem with. She thinks “that healer is putting out over 100k HPS, how can there be issues with his healing? His numbers aren’t that much lower than yours.” I haven’t been able to get two points across: One, he’s gimping his healing by ignoring 2 pretty important abilities: lifebloom and harmony. Two: it’s a healing issue, but it’s mostly an effort issue: it feels like he doesn’t care and doesn’t try.

We finally had that meeting, and it was pointless. The answer for “what can we, as raid lieutenants, do” turned into “We don’t think we need the two of you to have that role in a 10 man raid” after the answer in the document of what’s expected/what can we do was: nothing, it’s all the raid leaders job. Ok, fine, that was a clear answer. Something that still needs to be sorted out. I told her what I wanted, though I have a feeling it wasn’t clear. 

I will try one more time to get my point across, before I just stop. I like these people, I have fun raiding. I also would really like them to at least get a Garrosh kill before I stop raiding with them. She keeps saying she’s known that healer for a long time, and he’s been playing for a long time, so he knows how to play. I should have said doing something for years doesn’t mean you’re good at it. Which I will say next time. I have requested 10 minutes of her time to try one last explanation.

I just want to know something is going to be done to work with this raider. I offered to help because druid healing is what I do and I feel I do it well, but I don’t have to be involved, I just want to know he is willing to work.

Someone who logs on only to raid then logs right back off (and is late at that almost every week), misses major fight mechanics that have been explained for weeks, and when someone says something to him gets testy is not someone I want to raid with. I just want to raid with people who care about progress and playing their best who also aren’t jerks. I don’t want to be in a raid that allows people to coast along like we have. I mean yeah, ok, you get bosses on farm and just coast through them, but I feel like we pulled this person through progress he didn’t care about.

I should be happy: I do have that in a raid group, just not in both groups. And I know people who are excellent, and who I know want to set something up for next expansion. So I know I can get that in WoD.

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