Monday, November 4, 2013

Finally Raiding

We finally got a guild 10 man together for the first time this patch and stepped in to SoO. Managed to take down the first 2 bosses in a reasonable time, and get a few whacks at Norushen. Yay! One of our tanks was a little worried about being undergeared, which I thought was very sweet considering how undergeared most of the group is. Besides <flex> I'm an awesome healer, and his deaths were entirely due to me not paying attention when he pulled trash because I was alt tabbed checking something. Just because I'm right there jumping and /charge-ing one second, doesn't mean I won't pop away the next. Actually, I felt a little bad about that one. I had been right there, then I just mentally wandered off. And one of his deaths may have been because I stood too close on Immerseus and took a corrosive blast to the face. That wasn't a good thing. 

Then we did flex on Saturday. Both in raid and flex I kept dying to silly stuff- basically, mistweavers are not tanks, and I should quit trying. Totally accidental, and I will be more careful in the future. I know better than that, I think I just got excited.

I do think I am going to change to my druid for our guild's raids, and stick with the monk for the other raid I seem to have inadvertently joined. Going to double check with them, but if they raid Tues/Thurs now instead of Mon/Tues, I will be happy to keep coming along. Especially since I feel such a change is kinda my fault, since I told him I would be unavailable Mondays until an hour and a half after the raid was scheduled to start. Plus, I feel Elay is the better healer and until my cohorts in healing get some better gear, I'd rather have Elay there. I'd even feel comfortable 2-healing, if we had to, on the druid. I could do it on the monk, but since I mostly fistweave I'd have to adjust my style to manage 2-healing better. Not that I think we will have to, but I will let the raid leaders know my thoughts.

My real concern was this: do we need the little bit of extra DPS the fistweaving gives to clear stuff? And I think we'll be fine. We have a few DPS working on their legendaries still, and finishing that will really help them. But if people are dying to lack of heals on Norushen, then to the druid I will go! Plus, even though everyone calls me Renala now, and I love my monk, at heart I am still a druid. (Even though my feral DPS...needs work) I look forward to taking my tree self into SoO normal, even though I will miss healing spheres on Immerseus, I'm sure I will adjust.

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