Friday, November 22, 2013

Settling Into a Groove

It’s been an odd week. We have only 1 more week of classes, and rather than studying I have been putting it off. Partly because of that, partly because last Monday was the first anniversary of my grandfather’s death, I’ve been in a crappy mood. Because of that I haven’t felt like doing anything, not even watching sitcoms on Netflix. When I am too uncaring to even sit there and watch TV, something’s wrong. I’ve also been snappy with my friends. I hope not much, I’ve mostly been locking myself up in my room, but I think some has leaked out. Right now I am trying to pull myself out of this funk and prepare for finals.

It really stinks to feel like you are going to fail all your finals, and you don’t care to study to change it. I’m not, I’m not that type of student, but I’m also not a great student. I’ll admit, I am not the vet student I would want to treat my pets right now. I am working on changing that. So I will be studying a lot more this week than I normally do.

On the WoW front, I have settled into a nice pattern of raiding normal 4 nights a week between 2 guilds, and 2 flex days. We’re actually close to the same point, one group working on Shamans, the other about to start Galakras tonight.  My awesome guildie has been tanking for my second group, and is doing a fantastic job. She seems to like it, so I am glad. 

In last night’s raid, we took out Juggernaut. I really need to work on taking bombs- more importantly, clicking my CD BEFORE I take one. Cause death because I forgot to click something is embarrassing. We three-healed shamans most of the night, just 2 attempts with me as DPS. I am proud to say I held my own as DPS, even though everyone else has 15-20 ilevels on me. Go Renala, kick things into submission! (well, nearly- that was a 5% wipe, then a 0% wipe)

On Elaylda’s raiding, we 2-healed 3 of the first 4 bosses. I am happy with that, and think I might suggest in the future our shaman going heals if we need her to. Or trying to have our hunter switch to his priest. Our shadow priest has been switching lately, and he’s not bad, but he’s not great either. On Norushen- with 3 healers- I did 50% of the healing on a few attempts. Without taking an orb to get the healing buff. So yeah, I’m going to be looking into getting our raids on World of Logs to see where I can improve, and offer suggestions to our other healers. Our raid leader is awesome, but has admitted sometimes the healing things aren’t his focus. I’ll tell ya, it made a difference on my monk when I realized my uptime on Renewing Mists was <50%. Yikes! Added something with WeakAuras, was 99% on our Iron Juggernaut attempts this time. Much improved.

So, the plan tonight: take down Galakras, get to Juggernaut, practice taking bombs on the druid (if necessary) which reminds me, I should make sure Might of Ursoc is in an accessible place, and decide if symbiosing the monk tank for Fortifying Brew of the hunter for Deterrence is better. I’ll update it sometime later with a progress report.

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