Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend of Raiding

I had a pretty bull weekend. Today is going to be full of learning ocular, respiratory, and GI drugs to make up for it. I had a good time though, and all the groups I was in made progress. I did accomplish all my studying goals except the drug lists yesterday. It turned out to be a packed day.

Friday nights raid took out Norushen and Sha of Pride very quickly, and had some very good pulls on Galakras. We may have gotten it, if one of our cannons hadn't bugged out. I am looking forward to a good week of raiding next week with Icon.

On Saturday, our flex went better than usual. Took out wing 1 with no real wipes. We had one bad pull but half the raid ran out and lived, so I'm not counting that as a wipe. I was stuck doing kitty DPS since we had a surprise healer come along. He seemed very nice, and was putting up good numbers, and was confident about 3-healing for a group of 15. Which meant I was kitty for all but 2 fights. What I learned: my feral DPS barely cracks 100k on a good day. However, I managed to snag 1 flex upgrade and one LFR upgrade so here's hoping it improves. It occurs to me I will ned a good DPS set, one of the healers will have to switch for Spoils when we get there.

We ended flex half way through wing 2. Here's hoping on Monday we go back in, knock it out of the park and move on to wing 3. Following that I joined up with the OLRG and quickly knocked out Bastion of Twilight and Throne of Four Winds. Everything can be easy when you massively outgear the content, but it was fun to hang out with some friendly people.

That ended just in time for a quick 2-hour raid with my Tues/Thurs group where we knocked out Iron Juggernaut. Managed to get some bracers on a roll. Still my druid out-gears my monk, but both have at least reached 550 ilevel main spec, so yay! Got some good attempts in on the Shamans, but we were doing the 3-tank method and one of em was constantly DCing. And we locked a healer out on our first attempt, even though otherwise we did well. There was some talk of extending the lock-out, but I think the decision was to have one of the other healers switch toons and save the lockout if we needed it and start fresh on Tuesday. Since we breeze through the first 4 bosses in under an hour, I'm confident we'll end up at shamans by Thursday.

After that, one of my friends logged on her tank and announced she was going to tank an LFR, so I joined up to give her a dedicated healer. We did surprisingly well for zoning in on a group with 4 stack of determination, but I was so tired I was saying a lot of crazy stuff. Only took 1-shot for us to get out Norushen and Sha of Pride, and even with a messy win a win's a win, so yay! Right up against the berserk timer for Sha. She snagged 2 upgrades, I got one. A successful night.

By that time it was after midnight for me, and running on 6 house of sleep the night before left me woozy and not making a lot of sense. I am hopeful the surprise healer might join our raid. He was a disc priest, which would be helpful to have. When I did switch I wasn't that far ahead of him even with 20 ilevels on him. I really would like to have a steady set of healers in our raid so I know what to expect each week. Plus a disc would be nice to bring along. I've actually looked into finishing the cloak on my own disc priest and getting him prepared to take Elay's spot if need be, so to not have to do that would be awesome. Of course what I might end up doing then is taking a good hard look at my shaman, but at the moment I'd rather stay on my druid. I am really looking forward to the change in lockouts in WoD where I could raid with my monk and still be able to take her into other raids to help out if need be. Being able to swap to something with a tad more DPS if needed would be good.

And now I have put off studying more than enough, so on to drugs!

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