Monday, November 25, 2013

Made it to Nazgrim

It’s been a pretty good week. My second raid got to Nazgrim, and should be extending the lockout and hopefully getting him down on Tuesday. We are 3-tanking it, which I think is an issue. Hopefully we get it, we’re very close. I feel 2-tanking it would allow is to beat the enrage, but since it’s the mages that are killing us more than the enrage timer… Well, we will get it tomorrow. We’ve been alternating 2 and 3 healing, depending on how we feel. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Our guild raid made it past Iron Juggernaut. I love looting the boxes, so I stealthed past and managed to get 3. Our hunter stayed around to laugh at me when I died, so in addition to picking up flasks I provided entertainment :) I imagine we will be starting fresh. I am hopeful we will have 10 people at the start, and not have to fish around. On the plus side, now the other healer and I know we can 2-heal 3 of the first 4 bosses.Might be possible to 2-heal Norushen too, maybe if we send him down with the first wave to get the healing buff… but anyway, I’ll worry about that on Wednesday.

Flex cleared wing 1 easily, and made it to Nazgrim. I have faith we will kill him tonight, and we should get past the first few bosses in 3 pretty easy. We’ll see how Thok goes, that might be tough.

And last night we got back in to challenge modes, snagging 2 more golds in Shado-Pan Monastery and Scarlet Monastery. SM was tough, we got the gold with 0 sec to spare. That leaves 4 left for most of us, and 3 to go back and do with the hunter who ended up coming along. I really need to make a point of watching the resto druid challenge mode videos. Right before our last pull and gold, I watched the start of one- and in the first 30 sec got a hint we weren’t doing that shaved off a minute on our boss kill. So yeah, I’ll make sure to be prepared next time.

On the school front, this is the last week of classes. I am working to prepare for finals. I’m hoping everything goes well- I really want to go home. I don’t miss the cold, but I am ready for a break from school, and I want to see everyone again.

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