Thursday, November 28, 2013

An Off Day

Warning: this might read oddly, I wrote it Wednesday before the raid, and since it’s Thursday just went back and added stuff to it.

So, I blanked this week and forgot it was Thanksgiving! So no Tues/Thurs raid this week. We’ll see tonight about my guild’s group, we have 5 signed up but our raid leader never accepts so I am assuming he is coming til start time and I don’t see him anywhere. Here’s hoping that if we are short I can snag some of my second group to come along tonight. But I am a big believer in not worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, so on to new things!

I am down to 1 pet drop left on the Timeless Isle. yay! Sadly, it’s that crab, which is a royal pain. Here’s hoping I can get it next week when I will have weekday mornings available during finals. I swear I am getting my priorities in line, I just want that pet…

So tonight I will be bringing my monk to raid, assuming it happens. I’m a little nervous because we’ve been 2-healing a lot and my druid rocks it out. I am much more accustomed to fistweaving and being a supporting healer rather than the main guy. Even if I can top meters with her. But again with the worrying. It’ll be fine, or I grab the druid. No harm, no foul.
What happened: took Renala to raid, had some trouble with the second boss. Immerseus went down very well. Protectors had a wipe, so our hunter switched to his priest and we downed it no issue. Norushen? Took a long time, I think several people weren’t at their best yesterday. One tank kept dieing, another took an orb without looking at the boss’ health to realize only 1 add was left and we would be fine, I died to stupid on my part. And I didn’t take an orb at all, so fistweaving was less effective and it made me cranky. I swear, our raid leader has the patience of a saint to put up with us.

On another healing note, I approached a guildie with some druid advice. I hope I didn’t upset him, he’s just such a good shammy healer I know he’s a great player, but his druid was not optimized. Just missed a haste breakpoint, reforging out of spirit to crit in some places. Poor direction there from an add-on, but I see he’s taken my advice. I hope to heal with him again and see if it’s made a difference. Since I recently dusted my shaman’s resto spec off I appreciate him all the more. So many buttons! Totems! I make a bad shaman :) 

Now to figure out how to approach our other druid… And first, figure out world of logs so I can see a few fights and decide if I really need to. I feel like I should simply because it feels ridiculous to do literally half the healing in fights with 3 healers. But that is a topic for another day. I am proud I worked up the courage to approach the first guy, and things went well.

I did get a healing compliment passed along that made me smile. I’ve been making some changes to how I monitor buffs, so now I get WeakAura shouting things at me too. Seems to have helped. Now to add some sound effects to my monk one, because a bright orange lightning bolt to the head just isn’t enough it seems.

I’ll let you know how it goes, if it goes.

Can’t open the world of logs client, don’t know if it’s a “me” issue of a mac issue. Might wait til I get home and ask my more computer-savvy boyfriend for help.

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