Friday, November 15, 2013

Lots of Pondering

Alright, going back with Icon for our 3rd week of raiding. We managed to go in on Wednesday, but with our awesome lock unable to come, and the substitutes we have, decided to call it after the second boss and leave Norushen til Friday. A good idea, I needed sleep and we were also down a healer.
I am proud we managed to 2-heal Immersus. We did end up right at the enrage timer, due to loss of DPS, but we did it. Ended up having our shadow priest go healy for the Protectors, made the difference. Discovered my other healing partner had a UI issues, so he never saw stacks of Shadow Word: Bane to dispel just a glow indicating dispelling was needed, and was just dispelling at the wrong time. I think when he gets some better gear, we can 2-heal a lot more. I will have to remember to bring up my thoughts on that to our raid leader.

Here's a topic I don't know how to discuss: improvements for my healing partner. He's in between a haste break point (and had reforged to get there), and I don't think he's even started the legendary questline. I once mentioned he was missing a major glyph after the patch, and a week or two later, made it for him and gave it to him, and it still took another week to get it fixed. He's a nice guy, and not a bad healer, but I feel like he doesn't go that extra step sometimes. For example: we discovered that UI problem last night, when I explained to he shadow priest who was switching what was going on with dispelling. My fellow healer has been healing it in flex with me for weeks, and I know it was explained the first few weeks we went in. How did he not realize beforehand? Of course, maybe my explanations were at fault. I tend to be a horrible tutor, because once I explain something once, I expect you to get it. 

Maybe I am just too pushy for my own good here. Perhaps I should just leave well enough alone, unless we hit a healing block. I suppose alternatively I could try to recruit another healer, since we seem to only have 2 available. A third healer would help. Or maybe I should switch which toon is in which raid, and bring my monk along. But is 50-75k extra DPS really going to make the difference? If we have to 2-heal, I want my druid. I've been a tree since I started in Wrath, and tree is where I am most comfortable. 

Alternatively, I can talk to someone about this and get another opinion. I'm both not pushing as much for progression in our run because I am a bit further ahead in another, and frustrated that I can clear 4 bosses in an hour with another group, and be stuck on 3 all night in this one. Has absolutely nothing to do with wanting the pet from Sha of Pride, not at all :)

Speaking of the Tues/Thurs raid: made it to Iron Juggernaut this week. I think we would've gotten him down if we didn't have one laggy tank and a constantly DC'ing other one. And only an hour to raid. I did get to bring my guildie along, on her mage. The raid leader had asked me earlier if I knew this druid with a decent tank set in our guild, and if they were willing to tank for us on a steady basis. So it was nice to bring her along and let her meet everyone. I still don't know how she feels about tanking, but I know for sure she got the message, and can ponder it at her own pleasure. She did talk about needing to do her "tanking homework" so I hope she does join up with us. She's truly awesome. But I am trying not to be pushy.

Stepping back in to SoO tonight to work on Norushen, hopefully we'll get it tonight and take a good whack at Sha of Pride too.

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