Thursday, November 7, 2013


I get antsy for spoilers. I play Magic: the Gathering, and sometimes I like reading spoilers more than playing. So all the comments about the next expansion have got me antsy about what we'll learn at blizzcon. I would be happy with more dranei lore- I'll admit,  I can be shallow and I think dranei just look awesome. The first toon I intentionally put a transmog together for was my dranei shaman (cause there are a lot more pretty mail options than leather) and I did it before reaching 90. Which meant I spent a lot of time leveling wishing my reforge mount let me transmog too. But she looks awesome, in my opinion.

A recap of the week so far, starting with WoW. Raided on Tuesday, knocked out the first 4 bosses in an hour, and spent the rest of the time bashing our heads against Galakras. Did make progress, so yay. I have no doubt we'll down in tonight. Or at least get the the second phase reliably. Ok, maybe I have some doubts, but only a few.
Wednesday's raid was cancelled due to lack of attendance, so my druid didn't get to play. Ended up doing an LFR with a friend. I've realized I've become very pushy and impatient, and spoiled this week with good flex groups that one-shot (or nearly) everything. So I hung around for the first 2 bosses in hopes of getting the pets, and left before Garrosh. And no pets, so maybe next week. 
Hoping Friday's raid goes off without a hitch, I know we'll get the first 2 down, and I think we'll make good progress on Norushen. 
Wasn't able to do challenge modes this week, but maybe we'll find some time on the weekend. I've been working on the Shado-Pan meta with my druid since I've realized it wasn't account wide, and I've got 3 left. Getting around with the shado-pan will take the most time. I gave up on these when i realized I needed a gold challenge mode, but now that I will probably get one... back to grinding those dailies.

On the school front: I'm upset about the pathology test, but I am getting past it. I did well enough, I just don't think it's fair to ask anatomy or parasitology questions on a pathology test. And there were 3. But anyway, other than that it's been a pretty nice week. Our parasit professor takes pleasure in showing gross videos of maggots in eyes, which Cuterebra in a bunny? Kinda creepy, and hard for me to watch. The opthamology lecture was hard enough last term, pictures of unheathy eyes are creepy.

Speaking of, our professor just loaded up a video and walked out of the room so she won't throw up. Lovely.  Indeed a gross video. I believe one of my classmates even called it "better than popping an abcess" which if you don't know, can be very gross. But yet rewarding, watching all that gunk come out and cleaning it up. Fun times.

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