Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Healing issues seem to crop up a lot  with me. Probably because I’m a healer, so as long as no one is complaining about low DPS I don’t notice it. Unless I fistweave and have higher DPS than a pure DPS class, then there is occasionally some mocking. And unless the tanks really screw up I won’t notice that either. Well, I might notice having to heal a tank a little more, but I usually don’t think about it.

But healing issues. Navi posted about healer recruiting troubles, and some healing tendencies in SoO I had been pondering myself.

In general, my raids 3-heal, provided we can get 3 healers on. We have 2-healed some fights when our only option for a third healer was a DPS off-spec that was poorly geared, or involved losing top DPS to go get an alt. And we do just fine 2-healing some fights, but some we desperately need 3 healers. But there are some fights that just aren’t designed for 3 healers. The biggest one that pops out is spoils. Can and probably should be 2-healed. I’ve been gearing up my off-spec simply because the other healer doesn’t have a DPS off-spec. (and I’ll admit, since I got to to this the other night- it is FUN to switch to DPS and out DPS everyone cause I got to go melee and ignore the mechanics our ranged had to handle- different fight, not spoils)

But anyway- what I’m getting at is: I wish SoO was either strictly 2-heals or clearly 3-heals. I suppose in general the thought is 3-heal until gear goes up, then 2-heal when you can. But it means either having a healer with a good DPS off-spec or vice versa, or just 3-healing when we don’t need to, leaving me twiddling my thumbs half the time. 

Well anyway, I invited a new healer along who has run with us before. I like him, he seems capable and willing to speak up to help the raid, and he has a DPS off-spec he switched to for flex. We’ll see if he comes, and if the raid happens. It was left to me to post the schedule, which means I left a bunch of random notes and changed the raid name.

On that note- our raid needs a better name. Really, a name, we don’t have one. Either I’ll come up with one, someone else comes up with one, or we’re stuck without one. I suppose that covers all the bases, huh?

And all that is for the Wednesday/Friday guild raid. The Tues/Thurs raid runs steadily with 3 healers. On that note, we did FANTASTIC last night, killing the first 7 bosses in 3 hours, mostly 1-shots. I think Galakras and Shamans took 2 tries. Looks like we won’t need that lockout we saved from last week to get to Malkorok :) I think I was actually the worst, I was really tired and died to some stupid stuff. Note: Don’t follow the tank kiting the spawning slimes, you’ll stand right where the slimes spawn and die. Also: mistweaves shouldn’t try to tank things on Norushen or Galakras. Just sayin’ for future reference. Not intentional, mind you, but still happened.

Hopefully the guild raid will happen tonight. I need a break from all the pharm I am going to start studying in a few moments. 2 finals down, 3 to go. These last 3 should be easier. Pharm is tough, but no new material- just cumulative, so I have to go back and make sure I really remember things. Parasit is usually easy, as long as I don’t have to spell any of the names. And I like clin path, and have the whole weekend to study it. Here’s hoping things go as well as I hope.

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