Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It's been a while, but I've been busy. First- some good news! We've finally started challenge modes, and got a silver on our first (well, first complete one- we reset it several times) attempt! Yay team! I had to go for something else I had signed up for, so I'm a little sad I couldn't get us to gold.

I know I tend to place the blame on myself/give myself more importance than perhaps I have, but I was healing. And people died. That's pretty simple there. I am sure there are several things I can do to increase my efficacy and performance. For one (and this is probably the most noob-like I've felt since I realize that guy when was third on the healing meters was the DK tank and we were 2-healing- halfway through the Naxx run) I've set my party frames to look like raid frames. My biggest difficulty is noticing DPS health loss. That helped a lot, the next deaths came from all of us standing in bad stuff cause we pushed the boss a bit faster than expected. But we've since gotten 2 golds!

I also intend to learn how to better use HotW, if I can. I fistweave, I can darn well learn to heal and DPS on a resto druid. Anything that can shave off seconds should help, right? Alternatively, I'll just pop NV on cooldown the whole run. I've got a decent set, I think. I'd like to get a neck and cloak with sockets, but I'll work on it. I was great on mana- only OOM 2 times, when I had to pop tree and spam regrowth.

I am anticipating golds in the future :) Sadly, I have learned the the Shado-Pan meta achievement does not count account-wide achievements, so I either have to go back and finish them on my druid or get my monk set up for challenge modes. Still undecided there.

Next, raiding- Icon is setting foot in SoO this Friday! I've been raiding enh, steadily enough with this other group. Still need to talk to the guy running it to see if it would be possible to do both raids. Not sure who I'd bring to which. He's moving house this week, and raiding with them has been cancelled so I can put it off another week. Both toons are equally geared- in fact, due to Ordos' love of my druid and dislike of my monk, Elay has passed Ren in ilevel. 

And back to school, which complicated the raiding issue- can I raid 3-4 nights a week, work on challenge modes another, with 2 flex days, and still study for all my tests? The answer is yes, IF I actually start working harder. But do I want to? Still not sure. I managed to ace the pharm test, whoo! A little worried about virology on Friday, but if I work towards it I'm sure I can pull up my grade. This stuff is interesting, finally diseases! But the presentation and test format, not so good.

And I will end on gnomes. The running of the gnomes was last Saturday, I talked 3 guildies into coming with me, and my BF logged in to come as well. We had a blast, even if one could hardly move. So far the only number I've heard is a tentative 944 gnomes and escorts showed up to run.

Here's a picture of the heart in Booty Bay. Those aren't my guides, just some random gnomes and me, dancing on the bed.


  1. That is an awesome pic!
    And, grats on your silver! I don't think I have a hope for gold, having only just done our silvers as well.

  2. Thank you! We've since gotten 3 golds, thanks to our perfectionist leader, who has reset us with the last boss at 50% when we've missed the gold timer :)