Monday, October 14, 2013


I've finally had a chance to dip my toes in on SoO normal. Another guild was short a healer, and asking around in chat. I offered to come, and have gone in with them again this past week to shoot down the first 4 bosses. The raid leader approached me about joining the raid.

I'd love to! They seem nice, our guild hasn't had a normal raid since a few weeks before the patch dropped. They raid early, and end at what is a very nice time for me, both pre- and post- daylights savings, when it comes.

Here are the issues: one of their raid nights, I have a study session. I can't afford to miss it. Right now, it ends an hour and a half after they start. After daylight savings, that'll be only half an hour. I told the guy I'd never be able to make Monday raids, but now I realize I could- if they were ok with me being late.

The other 2 issues with Monday night- it's my board game with friends night. We may be able to move it to another night, which would probably let a few more friends who don't like to be out from 8-10pm on Monday come along, but I'd have to talk to them about it. It's very informal, so I think they'd be ok with it. The second issue- my guild runs a flex raid Mondays. Maybe I can talk the raid leader into moving it to Wednesday or Thursday, or even Friday. I'd have to ask, but I feel weird skipping a guild flex run since I was recently promoted to an officer. Especially to run normal with another guild.

I also feel a little weird running with another guild if it would prevent us from running normals. I have another healer I can bring, and I'd love to play my druid more. I still think of myself as a tree, even though I am getting used to being called Renala instead of Elaylda. I have no idea if this would stop us, last time I mentioned raiding to our guild's raid leader he said I was the only one who had approached him.

So my dilemma- is it ok to raid with another guild, as an officer? On one of our guild flex nights? Do they even need a healer anymore, or have they found one?

I think my course of action, at the moment, is to wait until Tuesday. If I am invited back to raid again, I will talk about joining up if they are ok with me being late on Mondays. If I hear from them early on Tuesday for an invite, I will talk with my guild's raid leader. We are very laid back as a guild, and have another officer who does more serious progression raiding on his horde tank. I don't think it will be a problem with anyone, but I worry. I feel a little guilty missing flex as a healer, but our guild never makes flex mandatory and they have done just fine when I have had to miss flex before.

My biggest worry is that this would affect normal raiding for our guild. It would limit the nights I can run, and since I'm one of the most reliable healers (from an attendance perspective) that might hurt us. That's 2 nights out. I'm not worried about the toon, I have my druid equally geared. And truthfully, if I'm on my druid I will recommend giving two healing a shot.

I just keep going over this in my head, probably making a big deal out of nothing. It might be a moot issue, they may have found a replacement healer. Hopefully I can get this all straightened out on Tuesday and quit worrying.

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