Monday, September 30, 2013

Sad Healer

I've come to a conclusion that leaves me a little sad. I've always thought of myself as a good healer, but today I took a closer look at monks than I've taken since I started healing on one. I'm healing suboptimally. For healing with 3 healers it's fine, but if we go to 2 I would rather switch to my druid. I don't like that, I should be equally comfortable on both.

So when I get a chance, I will try out solely mistweaving and try to say good-bye to fistweaving. I've enjoyed it and learned a lot from doing it. I've essentially been DPSing (poorly) and healing. Probably stems from my desire to DPS more and my hatred of not being top on DPS meters. As a DPSing healer wherever I am on meters is fine. It shouldn't be that way. I am a healer first and foremost, and lately I've only truly felt like a healer again on my druid. I will be resetting Renala to mistweaving after this Tuesday's LFR, in hopes some gear will drop for me and I won't be wasting gems.

I'm hoping it will be an easy transition. I have been working on my monk best practice's for a while, and I feel without the added DPS pressure my healing will increase and should we do 10 mans again we will be able to 2 heal on the nights we are down a healer.

I two-healed a flex with my druid and felt awesome. I was very happy when we found a third healer, because my first partner wasn't bad, but didn't seem to grasp proper dispelling. The successful take down of the second boss in SoO Flex wing one included 33 dispels by me, and 4 by them. I'd like to have the feeling I'm rocking out healing no matter what toon I'm on. Excepting you, priesty- you're kinda around to DE only. And shammy, your healing spec is for faster LFR queues. Thankfully I've managed to realize 4 raid-ready toons aren't necessary, especially since I will never have that many raid lockouts, I don't want to bring the priest, and I'd rather DPS on the shammy and we are rarely at an excess of healers to allow me to DPS.

Hopefully next week will bring an upgrade on Renala's healing and a return to that rocking healing feeling.

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