Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week- Hunters

Hunters! Ah, hunters. My first toon ever was a hunter, because they have pets! What kind of vet student would I be if I didn't go for the class with the pets? 

This is Zulyani. She was my first toon ever, and lies abandoned here. As it turns out, some friends were also playing WoW, and had just started a guild on another server as Alliance. So I rolled a night elf druid, and the only action Zulyani has seen in years was about 30 minutes while I took her to Undercity to get a cockroach.

This is Renessa. She was born during Mists, along with my BF's hunter, Bariel. I wanted some of those rare pets, darn it! She's been parked in Winterspring, where she got me the mount. Just haven't move her to Outland yet. The goal is to level her, catch pets, and have a max level class that can solo just about anything, especially combined with my BF's DK. Kinda been lazing off about that since his DK hit max, and he's been helping me farm stuff.

But she has an awesome transmog I spent some time farming for all the pieces. Just need to get my bow!

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