Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Finally Flex

Raiding hasn't been going too well recently. I can't remember the last time we had a raid, much less a full guild group. Real life has kept some folks down, and other just haven't been showing up. So our raid leader has decided to take a break to re-organize. I hope we can start again, cause the only other groups advertising for recruiting on Alliance side raid way later than I can stay up, especially when daylight savings comes around for fall, and I don't follow it. And darn, just realized it was Tuesday, which means Sunday I missed the Wander's Festival... again.

Anyway, 10 man raiding woes aside, we made it to flex. Got Immerseus down on the second try I was there for (I showed up with only an hour left). Sadly, I thin k Monday night flex will always be that way for me. It coincides with half price pizza at a local restaurant, and my friends and I go and play games. Usually King of Tokyo, since it's quicker than Munchin or Catan. So my awesome raid leader added a Sunday night flex so I can go to that one :)

For having no clue what I was doing, and only half- listening to a Fatboss video, I'd say that went pretty well. We hit the next boss twice, but had no real idea what was going on. I can say one thing- when we start raiding again, the boss raps are going to be super long.  /sigh. Oh well, gives me time to study while the raid leader explains. I mean, of course I pay attention to everything he says. I totally did not get up last night in the middle of an explanation to get a shower. No. (came back just in time for the roll call ready check too)

I've been seriously considering looking elsewhere to raid, and it saddens me. I've gotten over my 'go go go' raiding feeling, but seeing other friends get through the first 4 bosses on 3 hours on their first raid night of the patch, while we can't even scrape 10 people together, makes me antsy.

Well, here's hoping we can at least keep flex going. It was fun, and some folks who can't make regular raids got to come, so yay!

No loot though, but there's always next week.

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