Thursday, October 17, 2013

Darkmoon Faire

Moonfang! Some new reason to be on the Darkmoon Island. This is a bit late, but here she is, surrounded by 2 people with the mount, and me ruining their shot. I'm the panda in red. 

I did end up with the pet, on Friday night. It was a great day for pets- finally got my darkmoon eye, 2 extra Dandelion Frolicker from 1 sprite killing spree, and Moon Moon! Thanks go out to my fruit friend, who offered to kill Moonfang with me to help with my chances of getting the pet. 

I basically parked a toon out there, logged on ever hour to forty-five minutes to check for wolves, and alert a few friends also hunting the pet.

I did have 1 bad moment at the fair this past week. Not my many deaths to moonfang (I only lived through 1 fight) but with the PvP thing there, for the trinket. Clearly you can tell from that comment my PvP knowledge/ability = almost 0. I was mistweaving ( to try to stay alive against moonfang) and the announcement went out. I got there, 2 other folks came in, and we proceeded to fight. Me mistweaving, a pally beating on me, and a resto druid. I managed to kill the pally,  and me and the tree fought til the pally rezed and ran back in. I thought it was fun, had a grand ole time. The druid got the trinket, but I lived, killed the pally again and his warlock friend he brought along (I assume- from the same guild) At the end, I made some comment like "that was fun" and got a "#*&! you" in response. It really made me sad. I felt it was uncalled for. If he was truly in it for the achievement, and had whispered me asking about it, I would have let him get it and helped kill the druid. I was just there for fun, and to work on the achievement but it's not that important to me. I think my big problem was that he was in a guild I had friends in and admired. 

On a side note- I keep the profanity filter on. Makes it fun, guessing what people are saying sometimes. Do you know they bleep out LSD and semen? Perfectly legitimate comments about class, bleeped out. 

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  1. grats! Though he's a bit silly to be swearing at you - all is fair in a pvp arena and I know I go in there with my friends for a bit of good ol' sniping just because we can. And fight for the trinket too, of course.