Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Break

It's been a while. I've been procrastinating more with reading than writing lately, so posting has slowed down. It's Easter weekend, which meant a 4-day weekend for me. With some good news, out raid finally downed Garalon- by the skin of our teeth. At least this one wasn't as much of a shock as Elegon, I was expecting him to die. I managed to pull some awesome DPS (first time I've ever been tempted to link recount) as a healer. I was 5th overall, beating the mage. Of course, he was a kiter, which slowed him down. But I had fun teasing the DK tank about it. He brought it up, so I felt it was only fair.

I've been feeling an itch. I want to do so much more, but I don't have the time. I've been sad by the loss of 3 guild members recently. I think that, and the realization that our guild hasn't done any events aside from the anniversary party in almost a month, has made me want to lead some. I've tried before, with some challenge modes. No interest. But something like old school runs, I can do. I just don't have the time. I raid Wed and Fri, and there is a second raid group going on Tues. Only that group is very hit or miss, so I can't plan anything then. I need to study sometimes, and if I go out, it's usually on Mondays. Half price pizza, yeah! And I'd like to keep that up with my friends, get off of campus occasionally.

There are all sorts of things I'd like to plan- pet battle tournaments (get rid of those silkworms- an entering prize), old raid runs for mog gear and achievements, and just some fun stuff. That scavenger hunt this weekend was fun, and I thing my guildies might really like something like that. Weekly LFR runs, things to do as a group. Cause if you aren't in a raid group, the guild really isn't doing anything. And I think part of that is size- we are relatively small. There just aren't enough people interested in organizing things who aren't raiding, and those who are have no time.

I might give it a shot- throw a few old runs up on the calendar, see who shows up. Maybe OS, Naxx, and Ulduar- where I started. I suck at PvP, so I will hope our tank has the time to pick PvP night up again. I still need the OS253D mount, and if this goes well, maybe I'll try some ICC runs. I've never been there, it might be nice to take the druid back. She left before it was released. So, that will be the plan for tomorrow- look at my schedule, and put some stuff on the calendar. Happy Easter everyone, and I hope I don't turn around and call this April Fool's wishing.

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