Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Patch!

And I have hardly done anything. I have heard whispers that our raid leader may be back this week, and I dearly hope so. The Tuesday raid group did not get together last night. When I logged on at 5 to check, everyone had declined. I talked to 1 tank, who was going to be able to come. Then I talked to the other tank, to find out why he'd changed his mind and if he was still interested. He appears to be suffering some raid disappointment. They haven't gotten together but 2 or 3 time, not at all in the past 3 weeks, and only downed 1 boss. New patch should lead to much better gear and them downing the bosses easier, especially with the nerf. But anyway, what I was trying to say is t's really frustrated to lead a raid when no one is interested. I was only in charge 2 weeks, and really we didn't form up either one. I let it go the first time, since there was some confusion with the message passed along about me taking over for a bit. But last night was really annoying. Everyone declined or didn't comment. Then a healer, who had declined the calendar invite, pops on and asks if we were raiding. That, for some reason, really bugged me.

I had, earlier that morning, decided that come hell or hight water, if people were interested, I'd get that raid together if I had to spend a few hours in trade chat hunting for DPS. But when one of our tanks dropped out, and everyone else either had not responded, declined, or hasn't been seen for a few weeks, it left just me and one lone tank. Who did not seem disappointed at the thought of no raid. I gave up. I was leading it on an alt. I was doing it as a favor. It just makes me mad that people who signed up for raiding, expressed interest, and had to go out of their way to post on the guild site, don't even bother to take 2 seconds to respond to their calendar invite. I always do, and not just because the flashing question mark annoys me- although that is a large part. If you don't want to or can't come, that's fine, but please tell me! Grrr. Hopefully that group will be in our normal raid leader's hands next week, and he can straighten them out.

So, it's that time of year folks. You guessed it- MIDTERMS! So I might be posting as a way of procrastinating a bit more later. I already bought and read 3 books in the last few days. Awesome books. If I was stranded with only one author's works around me, it would be Anne Bishop's (this week at least). But seriously, I love her stuff. Can read it over and over, and still get sucked in. Her new book is fantastic.

I have put it off long enough- back to bacteriology.

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