Friday, March 22, 2013


Been a while. Midterms are over, thank goodness. I am working on summer plans now. I am just to darn shy to get up the nerve to contact people. But I will do it this weekend.

In WoW, I killed Oondasta. The spawn timer has been decreased, to around 3 hours now, and health has been nerfed by 50%. I caught a message in trade about an Oondasta raid forming right after our guild raid ended, so I popped out to the Isle of Giants, and logged out. No one had been in sight, so I figured it would take about half an hour to get a group out there. I logged back in at midnight, and 5 minutes later there was a pull and Oondasta went down. (I think of Oondasta as a she. I think it's the name- double O's make me think oocyte, which is most certainly a female thing.) The nerf made a huge difference- I didn't even have time for 3 minute cooldowns to come back up. One shot. Way better than the last attempt, with several pulls, skeletons everywhere, and no kill. And yay, I got a ring!

I think the nerf was needed, but I am of two minds about it. On one side, it makes kills easier and requires less people. I kinda think that even with tap to faction no world boss should require more than one raid group to down. On the other hand, it felt less epic, even though my repair bill appreciates savings. I think I would have liked to kill her once before the nerd, just like I would have liked to clear the raids before the nerf.

Speaking of raiding, we are stuck on Garalon. I have managed some awesome numbers on heals and decent on DPS on that fight, but we're wiping to enrage with about 13% to go. We've tried 2 healing, 3 healing, different DPS compositions, having out rogue eat the furious swipe with our tank (which he seemed to really hate, and was super reluctant to do). Nothing got us any closer. Sadly, one of our main tanks has left us, and that's left a DPS switching to heals, and the normal third healer switching to his tank. I am frustrated by that fight. I feel we should be getting it. I switched to DPS for an attempt, and our strategy involved everyone hitting the legs when they come up. As melee DPS, that left me with times when no legs were up because the raid was killing them. Thus, no DPS buff for me. So I was a sad panda.

I've been easily annoyed lately by people's attitudes. Possibly because LFR has been really bad this week for me. Really, really bad. Tanks not picking up adds, people not killing adds, standing in the bad, etc. So much so that even the game must feel sorry- I haven't been getting the deserter debuff for leaving those groups. Well, here's to a good weekend. I'll try to get LFR done with the rest of my toons, and maybe see if I can sneak in more Oondasta kills.

I leave you with some images of my first Oondasta attempt:

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