Thursday, February 28, 2013

Almost Done!

So, it's been a weird week. Only one test, on Monday. After that this week has felt off. Nothing is pushing me for class, no assignments that take more than 10 minutes a piece. I've been really tired, pushing my bedtime back to try to get my priest to 90 by the end of the day. I am halfway through 88, so we'll hope my free afternoon (minus an hour and a half anatomy review) will be enough to get me there. Coincidentally, I am at the same place as the person working on the panda monk, so the plan is to team up with her and level the rest of the way.

In other news, out raid got off to a very late start last night. Over an hour late, waiting on our tank, and the fill-in DPS we found was poorly geared. It went better when she switched to tank, but she had some trouble avoiding the strikes. Our guild leader, who was running the raid, seemed to be in an off mood too. Then, once the tank made it, we had a 15 min boss rap/tactics discussion, leaving us an hour to pull and work this out. And we failed. On a side note, I managed to avoid all the strikes when I was meleeing the boss for chi. Yay! Shiny button to press! That was fun. I was sad we didn't get him down, I will be missing Friday's raid to go to Gouyav'e Fish Friday, and I was kinda hoping to get the feat of strength for getting him down before the nerf. Oh well, maybe I will try to PUG it this weekend.

I was supposed to lead the Tuesday night raid group in the guild master's absence, but apparently half the people didn't read the note in the calendar invite that I was taking over. We had all three healers available (yay for the healers) 1 tank who could come, but hadn't realized the raid was happening, and 1 DPS. I was not looking for another tank and 4 DPS to fill in, since no one else who was online in our guild was able to come for one reason or another. Plus the tank would rather have been working on her Stay Classy Panda. So no raid. Wish I'd known that before I used up a ton of Golden Lotus crafting flasks to have on hand... Oh well, I will use them all eventually. Or my boyfriend can. 

Our guild usually provides flasks or potions to raiders at the start of raid if you need them. I am a big believer in coming prepared, so I usually always bring my own, unless I am running late or not expecting to DPS and left the agility flasks elsewhere. That always be prepared thing is also the reason I have as many professions maxed out as I can. Priest just got to max enchanting, which makes this the first time I have had a max level enchanter, which is really exciting for me. I have been collecting greens to DE with all of my characters as I leveled, and my boyfriend has sent anything he gets my way too, so I am more than set on mats for awhile. 

I am really looking forward to hitting 90 on the priest, and then going to bed! I am so tired, my attention span has been really short. Makes classes a tad bit more difficult than they would otherwise be. Plus, then I can get to capping valor on my monk and maybe druid, trying to capture all the pets before the patch drops and I am penalized for forfeiting while I go rare hunting, and doing what I can to save up for the expedition yak. Mounts is my next collecting quest, and I would love to be able to reforge at a moment's notice without heading to a capital city. I've never tried to save up gold for anything before, when i had 15k gold I was amazed. Then I bought some pets, and darkmoon cards, and maxed out the riding skills for several alts. On a side note, I am looking forward to flying in Pandaria. I really miss that.

Ok, this has rambled on for long enough. Back to the grind.

PS: How cool was that 5.2 teaser video? Awesome!

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