Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm shocked

We finally killed Elegon. I didn't believe he was down at first. I was out of mana, out of cooldowns, 4 people were dead, and I was preparing for a wipe. But yay! On our last attempt of the evening, we got it! A great end to a lackluster raid week. We wiped a few times on Garajal and the Spirit Kings. We only had 3 pulls of Elegon, and the first 2 he was around 40% when we wiped. I'll admit a bit of that was my fault. I was unaware of one of the people on my half of the room, and they weren't getting healed. So, yeah... Once I knew she was there, I kept her alive.

In other news, aced my physiology test. Got a tad confused on here wording for a question, and talked myself out of the right answer. Next, anatomy. I need to learn all of the nerves and vessels in equine fore and hindlimb, as well as innervations of muscles. We skipped over most innervations last term, Dr. P wasn't that big on them, but this term these guys are. So time to buckle down and learn em.

Got my priest to 84, we'll hit 85 tomorrow. I had hoped to be there last weekend, but oh well. I'll push hard for 88 by Sunday, but we'll see how much time there is to level around my boyfriend's work schedule and my studying. Once this is over, I should not feel so pressured with my WoW time. Only a few more weeks to grind out the Valor for the Black Prince on my main, I'm only half-heartedly working on it with my second healer.

And next Friday, March 1st, I have plans to go to Fish Friday in Gouyave! Hopefully it'll be fun. I love seafood, but I can't cook fish. I bought a whole fish here once. The 5 bites I got out of cutting it myself were delicious, but I had no clue what I was doing. For an island, very little fresh seafood in the grocery store. None, in fact. All frozen or salted.

And to jump to WoW once more, I am sad they "fixed" Ruthers so you can't to Yak Attacks any more. At least I have many screenshots already.

So, just going to wait for Sha to respawn, do the holiday boss with everyone eligible, and go to bed. Good night all!

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