Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Well, tonights raid went great. 1-shotted the first 4 bosses, and then got Elegon to 5%. Pretty good, since my death was the reason for at least one of our wipes. I usually heal, but I switch to DPS on that fight. I occasionally get stuck in a healer mindset, and forget to do things like use my stacks of brew when they are up. I am looking forward to having them stack to 20 instead of 10, so I won't waste as much.

It's been a tough week for me. I've been very scattered and a little depressed. I did not do near as well as I would have liked on Anatomy and Bacteriology. Ever miss questions when you know the right answer, were thinking correctly, and just looked at the picture wrong? That was my issue in anatomy. Then I just studied the wrong stuff for bacteriology. My focus was off, and that test really threw me. I was worried I had failed right up until the grades were posted. It just left me feeling awful for a few days. And this term, we have at least 1 test every week, and this week, last week, and next week it's two tests. I usually take at least 1 day to recover from a test, clear my head and refocus. It can be difficult when they come so fast, and I've been so distracted by WoW I've forgotten what's important.

I am going to be a vet. I have wanted that as long as I can remember. What I learn now, I will use on a daily basis the rest of my career. This isn't just foundation stuff and we'll get to the "real" stuff later. It's been hard for me to remember and recognize the significance of that. So much of college was requirements that I am never going to use. I tended to cram, ace the test, and forget it. I cannot do that anymore, and changing my study habits has been difficult. But, here's to the beginning of better study habits.

So, in other news, our raid leader is out for a while, and has been the last week. Our lovely guild leader has stepped in and done well at organizing our two raid groups. I joined the second group, only been together about three weeks now, to fill in for a missing healer. The day after the test, and then that night of wiping on the stone dogs was not pleasant. So I am glad we had success tonight.

And Navimie wrote me a lovely little poem:

Your med school days remind me of
Fun I had long ago.
And peppered amongst science tests
Your thoughts on Warcraft flow.
I thank you for the note you left
When to my blog you came.
And hope in life you'll brighten lives
Much like you do in game. 

I got that while I was still feeling out of sorts, and it really cheered me up. Thank you!

Now onto bed, where I can hopefully have more dreams that involve chocolate cake, since I'm too cheap to buy sweets down here in real life. Night!

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