Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Been Busy

Lots and lots going on lately. Have been meaning to write regularly, if only to clear my mind.

Well, first:  Lina had her surgery, and there turned out to be more than expected. The mass seen on ultrasound was removed, but there was another deeper mass, approximately 8 cm, and based on its location and the vessels, it was decided to leave it for a surgeon. She didn’t feel comfortable removing it, or even aspirating for a sample. She did remove the mass we expected, plus another, and took biopsy samples. That was Thursday. Lina didn’t start eating til Sunday night, but she’ll only eat a few bites of chicken then stop. At least she’s eating. I would like to let her recover before removing the other mass, and I want to know the results from the sample sent in. Hopefully I’ll hear back in a day or two.

I’ve been paying for all this, and I plan to pay to have part of a fence put up in my parents yard so our other two dogs never learn they can jump out. It’s been expensive, and I’m worried about the cost of another surgery. My other dogs are old, so I know insuring them would be pricey (I looked when I started vet school) but any new puppies I get, I will have to look into insurance. If they’d pay even half this bill, it would have ben worth it. Hindsight, huh? Well, realistically- 3 large dogs, each were what, $40 or so a month for the two years I’ve been in school (assuming I had gotten coverage then, which I didn’t because of the price), would have been the cost of the surgery. Though ideally my dogs would be happy and healthy and not need expensive things, Lina apparently decided she was a vet student’s dog, so she had to have something wrong.

So after her surgery on Thursday, my little brother graduated high school on Friday. Where I got a lecture from my dad about proper ways to tell people you are engaged (hint- it wasn’t facebook). I do feel awful for not telling my grandparents sooner, it just honestly didn’t occur to me they wouldn’t know.  I told my mom (because she had know before hand he was going to ask) and she spread the word, and it was put on facebook. In Grenada, I only have e-mail and a cheap local phone. It honestly didn’t occur to me to send out an e-mail. Possibly because my cousins never did… heck, I only recently learned one of them had gotten married. But that’s no excuse for me.

And that weekend was full of drama. My dad, without talking to my mom or brothers, decided to have a graduation party for my younger brother, to be held at my older brother’s house. Not the ideal location. It is large, but not well kept. 6 kids live there, though not all full time, and it is well lived in. So we moved it to my moms, which upset my older brother. This was all handled poorly and at the last minute. Then there was some kerfuffle with the grill, and arguments with my mom, my dad, and my brother. Then me and my brother. Fun times. But party done, we just finished of the last of the cake and currently have a bunch of leftovers. The sangria was great, I loved it. Which is odd, since usually anything with even the slightest hint of alcohol in it I have trouble drinking. 

And then on the WoW front- we had that lesson in accepting invites, and on Friday started fresh since people were getting tired of wiping on Garrosh. Saturday evening was flex, which went well. Matty got the shaman transmog set I am trying to get, so grats! My shaman is jealous. 

Monday, my computer was in the shop for, as it turns out, a problem they couldn’t find. I got WoW running on my mother’s laptop (she says she may try to play, so it’s there if she does) and jumped on, prepared to kill Garrosh quickly and do CM. Neither of which happened, but I was there! Raiding without any add-ons at all was odd. Very quiet without DBM shouting at me, and GTFO making noise. 

I got my laptop back in time for Tuesday’s raid. We started at heroic Imm again, but were missing too many regulars to make a good go of it, so did an alt run. My druid got to come out and play.

Oh! My horde druid got her cloak. Only took 3 tries in the 4th wing of ToT LFR to get it complete- stupid server restarts <grumble> but cloak she has, and ilevel 545, enough to get into some decent pugs if I am bored.

And this next week looks to be interesting. We have an officer’s meeting on Sunday. No clue what it’s about, our GM didn’t answer the other officer when he asked. I’m still a little sad she never said anything to me about the promotion of the other officer- re-promoted. He stepped down, and was promoted back. Not that I’d object or anything, but I felt it would have been polite to say “hey, he’s back” or something.  I feel like we three were promoted as officers solely to be able to invite people since the original officer core isn’t on much. We can’t make decisions about things we run as guild events, even if supposedly in charge of, we aren’t talked to about things until we push because something small has blown up into a huge issue. I still like the people in that guild, I am just occasionally disappointed when I think about how things have been handled recently.

We have a raid meeting next Wednesday. No clue why, not even sure if the raid leader knows about it. I haven’t had much of a chance to chat with him. I’m curious to know what these meetings are about. I’ve decided to tell the other tank I am leaving after Garrosh. She’s cool, and fun to play with. She was someone I had issues with raiding because she was missing some pretty major class mechanics, but if you talk to her she is willing to try and learn which is really all I want from raiders. Not perfection, but willingness to try to improve.

Anyways, that is a lot of drama. I like to think of myself as a dram-free person surrounded by soap operas, but I did contribute to it a little this weekend. My brother was the last person I got in a screaming row with, and I guess I am still mad at him for a few things. I don’t have the energy to be constantly mad though, which is why I ended up stuck babysitting his 6 kids today. Not worth it to say no. But I was tryng to stop writing.

Well, I’ll end with the hope that I get lab results back for my dog soon and she starts eating regularly again.

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