Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Step Back

It’s been a while. I’ve started working again. Only 3 days a week, but 7-6 usually and on my feet all day, which leaves me a bit tired. I’m not used to being up and active for that long at a time, but it is nice to keep busy.

My dog is stable, I’d say, but not improving. I need to make some decisions soon. Lymphoma is the diagnosis. She still has a mass to remove, and maybe chemo. I’m not sure of cost, and I don’t think I can afford it. I need to talk to her doctor a bit more about it.

In WoW, I finally quit my guild’s Wed/Fri raid. I had originally said I would stay til Garrosh was dead, but 2 of the people who were a big part of the reason I was staying, with views similar to mine, were leaving due to work issues. It was weird not having a raid last night, but good. I was wiped from work and got to go to bed early. I had listed potential fill-ins, and the person who was going to take over had been organizing an alt raid and had that list of names to work with. I am glad that some of the people who were really eager to raid have a chance now.

We originally had a roster of 13 but rarely did all of them show up, and when they did the 3 listed as alternates stepped back. We only did 1 night rotating people in and out. I really liked it, but I get the idea some of the other really didn’t, so we never did that again. It was simply “these 10 are the core, these 3 are the back-ups, they come only if we need room.” Which turned out to be quite often as slowly we lost 3 from the core 10. And now they’ve lost 3 more, but have managed to fill in and get going.

Looks like they cleared the first 6. I was really tempted to be nosy and ask friends how things were going, just because it was so weird to be on but not raiding. I am tempted to try to find some heroic groups to run with, but I think I will wait til I am back at school, if I have the free time. My boyfriend and I will enjoy spending the time together until then.

This was a sad thing for me. I haven’t been playing that long, compared to others. I started in Wrath and stopped before ICC came out due to real life drama. When I came back in Cata I didn’t raid, just fiddled around a bit for fun. So this is the first raid group I’ve been a part of, and really involved in, for so long. At the start, I was just happy to raid. And I probably made some assumptions about my raiders. I told someone once I tend to assume everyone is like me and go from how I want to be (though I was told that was a bit egotistical. Doesn’t seem so to me) though that was about asking people who were AFK after a break and ready check if they were there in vent. But I assume the same for raids: you come prepared.

That means flask, food or knowing someone will be providing feasts, and knowledge of the fight. I don’t even list how to play your class because that should be so basic it doesn’t need saying. I was very wrong about that. 

That raid was a learning experience for me, and I suppose I needed to see that I have some sort of standards for raiding. It certainly makes me think a bit about what I will need to know before I join future raiding groups, and should I ever raid lead I have a clear list of things I expect as a minimum and knowledge of what help I am capable of providing and where to go to help those I can’t. So yay, lessons.

Anyway, time for another long day of work.


  1. I'm sorry about your dog, that must be terrible and heart wrenching. And long days at work, gosh I don't know if I could raid. Actually I probably could... I do love raiding. It's also nice you helped organise replacements too!

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