Monday, June 9, 2014

Quiet Weekend

I’m going to try to get back in the groove of writing more regularly. I didn’t mention it earlier, but Navi stopped by a while ago. I was excited to get a chance to catch up, though she popped on in the middle of arenas. My friends were nice enough to give me some time to go catch up with her (as I keep being told, 100K will forgive all) so we got a brief chance to chat.  Not quite long enough, I felt bad keeping them waiting.

Someday I’ll have to put together an IOU for them. They know there’s no chance of my ever paying up, but I think they’ll get a kick out of it. 

I had a chance to join Matty for an OLRG run through ICC. Only 3 of us but we rocked out heroic ICC in the hour I had before flex. Missed 2 achievements, but Full House is easy, and it’s tough to do the one for the meta from the LK on heroic. More chances to die.

We did flex 1 and 2 last night, and I have definitive proof the shamans transmog set drops in flex. Unfortunately it wasn’t for me. :( But oh well, now I know you only get 1 chance per week no matter which difficulty, so I can quit trying for multiple difficulties. We had 23 (!) people, the most we’ve ever had. A big thanks to my Sacred friends who came and tanked and then swapped to better geared toons at the first sign of trouble.

I really need to get somethings going to finish out my achievements. I still need HoF normal achievements and heroic kills, and same for ToES. If I can find an heroic ToT PUG and knock that out, I might try to get a guild group going for the regular achievements. I’m not too sure, apparently last time they were there they had a lot more struggles than I would have expected. But now we have more people with better gear who are also becoming trained to listen to me, we might fare a bit better. And since I’ve been extending my heroic lockout from a few weeks ago, at twins, and one of my RLs has been itching to get to it, I might get lucky and run just the last 3 instead of the whole of ToT again.

This weekend was pretty quiet. I got a bit of motivation, and at least all my clothes are unpacked. Next up: get another bookshelf so I can unpack the rest of my things. I thought I had all my books, but as I was putting them away I kept discovering books missing. Tomorrow’s goal is to at least get the shelves up and the boxes in my room unpacked. I’ll leave the ones I found in the garage til Wednesday. You heard it, I am getting all my stuff done on Wednesday. 

No challenge modes this week, and I was trying this thing where I don’t bug people to do things with me because I am bored. So instead I spent some time in proving grounds. Managed to get you’re doing it wrong with the monk, fistweaving for the DPS ones. I made it to wave 28 on the druid, then screwed up my typhoon direction and lost it. That was my best attempt. The plan is to go back to it one morning next week, but since tomorrow is Tuesday I am going to try to knock out LFR first thing for the rogue and get her last runestone. Hopefully I can find some flexes for the druid easily, then knock out ToT in LFRs. She’s 6 runestones away. 

So to sum up: -finish runestones for rogue, try to finish them for horde druid, and unpack all the things currently in my room.

I also have a normal raid tomorrow, where I think the plan is heroic Immerseus, and if we get him, then Protectors and Norushen. Our Wednesday raid will continue on Garrosh, so here’s hoping we get him down and I have Friday free and can talk my arena buddies into some PvP then.

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